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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 7th June 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been keeping cool with ice. The children discovered a tray full of frozen animals…oh no! They experimented with different ways to break the shapes up and free the animals, tapping the ice against the side of the tray and sliding them across the floor. Outside in the garden the babies also took part in a mini ‘Sports Day’, with lots of different activities. The children practiced amazing coordination and balancing skills with egg and spoon and relay races, as well as lots of stretching and running around! Back inside some babies got stuck into a multi-textured tray full of different cereal. The children used different tools such as spoons, sieves and buckets to move the mixture around and stir it together!

Kindergarten this week have been feeling zen with some yoga! The children read through ‘Meddy Teddy’ and practiced some of the poses from the book. They did lots of stretches, jumping and rolling around, developing their muscles and coordination. Some children explored a floury tray this week, filled with lots of tools for moving the mixture around. The children discovered the different marks and patterns they could make in the flour using rollers, stamps and their hands! In the art studio this week Kindergarten have been looking at using duplo blocks to paint with. The children very carefully dipped the pieces in the paint and pressed them down, leaving interesting patterns on the page!

This week Pre-School have been feeling sporty! The children learned all about football and the Euro 2021 Championships, looking at pictures of famous footballers and the flags of the countries taking part. The children then played a miniature version of the game on the table! Other children this week have been learning all about what makes them special, looking at themselves in the mirror and discussing what they could see. They talked about the colour of their eyes and the length of their hair, then drew self portraits. The children also took part in a family tree activity, painting all the people who are special to us. The children talked about their families and loved ones, where they live and why they love them!