w/c 25th March 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This weekin Nursery we had a go at some water play where we explored different scents with lemon water and flowers. We used the spoons and tweezers to transfer petals into the trays!

We enjoyed decorating an Easter egg using various materials! We spread the glue out and concentrated on sticking sequins, tissue paper, and feathers on top :)

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This week in Kindergarten we used our Easter eggs to print onto the paper. We noticed that there were bubbles in the paint from the soap, it was funny popping the bubbles on the paper!

Some of us enjoyed making some Easter nests. We used cornflakes and chocolate, we enjoyed mixing the cornflakes together with the chocolate and helping Amy and Chloe pour the cornflakes into the bowl. We were so excited to eat the nest!

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This week in Pre-School we looked at a book from our story sack and acted out the story as we read it. Our story was ‘Night monkey, Day monkey.” The children took turns to use the resources in the bag to re-tell the story, we took turns by swapping the resources so everyone could act out a different part of the story. Some of us then decided we wanted to go and draw a part of story, such as the frogs and the day monkey.

We created lots of different Easter crafts this week to take home to our families, we made cards and used stencils to draw around, our adults helped us write our messages inside and had a go at writing our names!  

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