DE B 3

w/c 25th March 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been having fun playing with a cardboard box! The adults turned the box into a car, where we enjoyed sitting with our peers pretending to go to the beach!

In the art room we have been turning pasta into paintbrushes, creating wonderful marks. We really enjoyed mixing all the colours together!

Out in the garden we have been exploring a tuff tray filled with animals. We helped to clean the mud off each animal using sponges and paintbrushes - we really enjoyed this!

We have also been creating Easter paintings using potatoes! We used them as stamps, as well as incorporating paintbrushes and finger painting too.

Down in the dining room we had a lot of fun making Easter biscuits! We helped to add all the ingredients into a large bowl, mixing it together. We did a great job helping Bethany and Ashleigh, and showed great patience waiting for them to cook! Once they were baked and cooled down we enjoyed decorating them. 

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In Kindergarten this week we have celebrating Holi, the festival of colour! We used lots of vibrant colours in lots of fun activities such as colourful rice and mark making with crayons.

Shredded paper play has been lots of fun this week too! We really enjoyed sprinkling the paper all around, and throwing up big handfuls into the air.

We have also been learning about responsibilities - each day we will have 'special helpers' that will be rewarded with medals for helping the adults with important jobs.

We have also been exploring technology! We recognised the buttons and tried pressing the different sizes and colours to see if anything would happen.

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Hoppy Easter! This week at Pre-School has been very EGG-citing, we have been exploring lots of Easter-themed play ideas and activities.

We started the week with Easter Yoga, the children went through the Meddy Teddy story and practiced the poses in the basement – the children took part in an Easter Egg hunt during this and spoke about various poses they could do & seeing if children could make up their own that were Easter themed. We had lots of bunnies hopping around!

Pre-School children have enjoyed caring for babies, washing them in the tuff tray, and taking care of them. This opened up lots of conversation about hygiene and why it’s important for us to be clean and take care of ourselves – children spoke about putting bubbles in their baths and how they love bath time at home. The children were so delicate, taking time to gently wash the babies and dry them afterwards.

The children have been doing some cooking this week and made Easter Nests, the children spoke about what animals might live in a nest and this led on to the children talking about Birds and Chicks. The children weighed, measured, scooped, poured and shared out the chocolate mixture into the cupcake cases, taking it in turns to make their own nest cake.

We had our Easter Craft session on Thursday – Thank you to all of those who made it, it was EGG-cellent! We had card making, explorative themed tuff trays with scooping and pouring of plastic carrots and coloured rice, egg paining and an egg hunt! We hope you have an EGG-stremely cracking Easter and enjoy the long weekend.

Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a joke? It might crack up!

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