DE PS 14

w/c 15th April 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery have really enjoyed seeing the little chicks! They have been waving to them through the glass and counting up how many eggs and chicks we have each day...we counted all the way up to 10!

This term our core book is Shark in the Park! We have been listening to Beth as she read us the story using props to enhance our understanding. We really enjoyed peeking through the telescope, just like Timothy does in the story!

In the art room Nursery have been using the cards to push into the paint, noticing the marks and patterns the cards made. In the sand we explored the safari animals! We loved stomping the tiger and elephant around in the tray - roar! 

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This week in Kindergarten we have been super busy! We enjoyed playing with shaving foam. We put the shaving foam underneath some cling film! We then put our hands and top of it and we discussed how it felt. We used works like cold, soft , squishy and some of the children said it smelt nice! The children added some vehicles to the shaving foam and they pushed it through and it left behind some really cool wheel marks!

Also this week we have been watching how the chicks have hatched from the eggs! This gave us a lot of opportunities to develop our vocabulary! The children were very excited to see the new chicks. We spoke about how soft they looked and what colour they are! We also learned how they came out of the eggs. We remembered not to touch the glass and remembered to talk in our quiet voices so that we didn’t scare them! Shhhhhhh!

Out in the garden we have been doing some planting. We all helped to scoop up the soil and we discussed what we needed to help the plants grow! Water and plenty of sunshine. Back inside we have been practicing our mark-making skills. We used chalk on the chalkboard and we practised using the dabbers. This helped to develop our fine motor skills! It’s been a really fun week! 

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This week in Pre-School we have been mixing food colouring in water to see the changes!

We have also been planting, looking after our growing herbs and flowers by watering them.

We have also been hatching chicks! 

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