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w/c 15th April 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Flax Bourton, we have been making a big splash in the water play set up in the tuff tray on the roof top garden. First it was baby dolls to wash, the next day was coloured water and frogs. We couldn't wait to make a big splash we didn't mind if it splashed up into our faces with big smiles and laughter!

In the art area we got stuck in using our hands to rub through different coloured paints set up in big blobs on the tuff tray. The adults talked about the colours we were using. Some us were able to repeat the colour "blue" and yellow " back to the adults.

In the middle of the week we took part in activities based on health care which was cleaning our teeth with a toothbrush, the adults first showed us how to use a toothbrush to scrub clean the animals teeth, we got stuck in having a go repeating words like "teeth" and "clean" back to the adults.

We spend lots time everyday exploring the big garden where we like to play football and on the bikes, and help the adults water the flowers with a watering can full of water which we independently fill up from the tap.

Back in the nursery room we like spending time exploring a variety toys from the sensory mirrors and rattles and balls while spending time with our friends and adults!

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This week in Kindergarten the sun has finally been shining! We had a super fun new toy arrive this week in Kindergarten which was footballs goals! The children found the toy tool kit and brought it over to help us build the goals. They were super helpers and passed us the parts we needed next. They then helped us push the parts in so we could go outside and play football! The children worked really had to keep control of the ball so they could kick it into the goal. Maybe we have some footballers in the making!

The children have had an interest in learning about shapes this week. At the start of the week, we set up a painting activity. The children were supported to copy the shapes they could see on the paper. We encouraged them to hold the paintbrush and used words to describe how to create the shape. We were saying 'up, down and along' for a triangle and the children were copying this language to support their painting. To continue this interest, further on in the week we had a shape hunt! We showed the children the shape which they were going to try and find. The children enjoyed the shape hunt and found a beanbag for a square and got a magnetic shape for a triangle.

At the beginning of the week, the children explored a sand tray full of hidden dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils! The children were encouraged to use the brushes to push the sand out the way to reveal the dinosaur. They also used magnifying glasses to look for the dinosaurs. Some of the children chose to find some diggers and brought them over to the sand! To extend this interest, the next day we set up a building site in the sand! The children scooped the sand using the diggers to different areas of the tuff tray, moving it out the way to create buildings with the blocks.

During our busy week in Kindergarten, the children have also really enjoyed caring for the toy babies. We created a bath for the babies with cloths and jugs to wash them, towels to dry them and got them dressed after the bath was finished. The children have been really loving towards the toy babies this week giving them lots of cuddles!

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This week in Pre-School the children have been reading their core book, this term our core book is called 'Jack and the Beanstalk!' The children have really enjoyed listening to the story and then reacting out the story using the different characters mask. They have also been doing lots of different activities around the core book this week from planting beans and creating their own bean stalk using different resources.

Outside this week the children have been enjoying the sunny weather. They have been practicing their tennis skills and taking it in turns hitting the ball to each other.

On the decking this week we have had lots of water play, they really enjoyed filling up the different containers and then placing the water pump for the children to pump the water down water ramp.

Inside this week, the children have been into messy play. They have been using their hands to create marks in the shaving foam.

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