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w/c 1st April 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


At nursery this week the sun has been shining so we couldn't wait to go outside! In the big garden we spent time in the mud kitchen making yummy mud cakes - by mixing the mud with a little bit water until it's really sticky!

We visited the cabin where we got to take part in mark making using pens and and whiteboards! We all sat down and took our time to make some lovely pictures using different colours.

Back in the nursery room, in the Musician's Area we have been making music together using the piano to touch and shaker to shake. We danced, clapped, and smiled at each other as we made
new friends while playing music!

On the rooftop garden we used our gross skills, use the funnels to scoop up the bubbly water. As we lifted it up we were fascinated watching the water come out the other end, we were able to
repeat words like water" and splash". Some us used the pipettes and with some help from the adult showing us how to squeeze and suck up the water in the end - it was great fun! Some of helped Carys to water our strawberry plants - we can't wait to try them!

To practice our mathematics skills we have been spending time exploring our new magnetic coloured shapes. We used our fine motor skills to place each piece together with a click, some of us were able to repeat the colours red and blue to the adults. 

We have also been learning about different weather! We were able identify rain and snow from the picture in front of us. Some of us have been getting ready for our transition to Kindergarten! We have been practising dressing ourselves by putting our own coat and shoes! We have been trying so hard and so patient with ourselves too. Well done babies!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been looking after our plants that we planted a few weeks ago! Our beans have grown super tall so it was time to move them outside into our planter. Using the spades, we carefully patted the soil down so the plants would grow even taller against the bamboo sticks! We have also been watering the sunflowers, tomatoes and strawberries which aren't quite ready to go outside yet.

We have enjoyed becoming builders this week! In our tuff tray, we had building blocks and shaving foam which we were pretending was cement. We used the paintbrushes to cover the block in shaving foam and put another block on top. We spoke about how this keeps our blocks in place like our houses!

The next day, we explored a dinosaur swamp small world and sensory tuff tray. We spoke about how the gloop felt between our fingers. We thought it felt chilly! We made the dinosaurs stomp in the swamp and over the muddy rocks (scrunched up brown paper). Some of our friends even decided to use the brown paper as a cloth to wipe the dinosaurs clean after going in the swamp!

Finally, during our busy week in Kindergarten, we tasted some yummy bread! Before we tasted the bread, we read our core book for this term, 'The Little Red Hen' We spoke about how it is kind to help our friends, unlike the animals in the story. We then tried the bread and pretended the little red hen had made it! We discussed which was our favourite, which ones we didn't like and if we preferred the bread with or without butter.

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For the last few weeks we have been loving the story of "Super
Tato"! This story has been a big hit with everyone and we have been reading it and talking about it a lot. We decided we were going to make our very own "Super Tato". The children chose their potato, chose their coloured cape and their eyes and used glue to stick them on to make their own individual creation which they could take home.

Some of the children also decided to make some paper plate masks, decorating them and cutting them to create their own mask.

We have used our outdoor sandpit a lot this week. We have been digging and roleplaying that we are pirates looking for treasure and we have also learnt what the long jump is. We have been practicing our jumping skills by taking a run up and doing a big long jump into the sand pit just like the athletes do!

We have also done lots of large scale mark making activities with an extra fun twist. we have used the cars and bee bots to make our marks! We attached pens to the vehicles and the bee bots and pushed them around the paper. We even got to program the bee bots with instructions to make them move on their own which was interesting and fun! What a fun filled week we have had in Pre-School!

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