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w/c 8th April 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery has been a very busy week filled with excitement. To start off a messy nursery week, we had a visit from our dino friends in the garden, where instead of stomping in muddy puddles, they jumped around in paint puddles! Their claws were full of colour after, and this is where we also used our imagination and became dinosaurs ourselves. Roaring as loud as we could!

Inside, we had then moved on to decorating our own plates; they looked wonderful by the time they were all completed. We used paint, glitter, and tissue paper to stick sticks! Unfortunately, we were unable to have our tea and lunch on our lovely plates, but that's only because they are too special to use!

To continue our nursery adventure this week, we went on one of our daily trips to the cabin and the big garden. We stopped to pay our new friends in the nursery a visit. These friends are fish friends; we had counted lots of them in their new colourful house. We had all helped feed our friends with a bit of support from Jayla and Sam. They had lots of food, so they most definitely had very full tummies after!

After our fish feeding session, we continued our adventure to the cabin, and this is where we used the biggest art canvas available in the room, which was the doors! We used special pens to create our marks all over the window. We had all created a wonderful masterpiece, which we could also see when we played outside in the garden.

Back in nursery, we had created our magical moon sand, which was full of different colours. As a team, we all carefully chose different paint colours to add to our sand, and then we would mix
and mix and then slowly see the sand turn into a new colour, but we needed lots of help, so teamwork definitely made the dream work.

We then opened our mini cafe in the role-play area, and this is where we would bake our own cupcakes! The cupcakes we baked were blueberry-flavoured, and we also added edible glitter so they were sparkling.

Towards the end of the week, we continued our messy adventure, and we explored a tray filled with gloop and slime; it was very sticky and runny!

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This week in Kindergarten, we have been enjoying exploring different ways that we can be creative with our paint! We discovered many different ways which we could use our paint, including bubble painting. The children listened carefully to the adults, learning how we could create a bubble painting. At first, the children struggled to understand that they needed to blow into the straw rather than suck. However, after trying and trying again, lots of them learned that they needed to blow into the straw and created fantastic bubble paintings!

Later on this week, we used toilet rolls to create a painting! The children used their imagination to work out how they could use the toilet roll to paint. Some children chose to place the end of the toilet roll into the paint and then use the toilet roll as a stamp onto the paper! Other children decided to use a paintbrush to cover the toilet roll and then roll the toilet roll onto the paper. We have made some wonderful artwork this week!

This term our core book has been The Little Red Hen! Following on from last week when we had a bread-tasting session and pretended The Little Red Hen had made the bread, this week we made the bread ourselves! Unlike The Little Red Hens friends,
we all helped each other to make the bread. We followed the instructions carefully, making sure we put the right amount of ingredients in the bowl. We took it in turns to mix the ingredients together, then popped them in the bread maker! We tasted our
yummy bread at snack time and we thought it was delicious!

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This week in Pre school we have been doing some YOGA! We each got a mat to use and we positioned ourselves in a space so we had plenty of room to move. We listened well to the adult's instructions and copied the moves they showed us the best we could. We had a lot of fun and learned some new yoga poses as we stretched and moved our bodies in a range of ways.

We have been expert bakers in Pre-School this week. We have made some delicious chocolate rice crispy cakes and shortbread to take home. We showed very good listening and we were able to follow the instructions from Katie! We really enjoyed putting the ingredients into a bowl and mixing it all together. We then scooped the rice crispy into cupcake cases and used the cutters to
create different shortbread biscuits.

We also made some food for the birds! We used seeds and lard; mixing it all together and shaping it into balls. What lucky birds!
What a fun-filled week we have had in Pre-School!

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