DE KG 6 (1)

w/c 8th April 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been expanding our vocabulary and understanding with flashcards! We have been learning about different colours and animals, recognising what is on each card, and repeating the word back to our adults!

The younger ones amongst us have really enjoyed the baby gym this week! We have been playing peekaboo through the bridge and noticing our reflection in the mirror.

We also enjoyed a trip to the local park! We loved climbing on the play equipment and going down the slide with Helen - whee! We also sat in the big swing whilst the adults gently pushed us back and forth.

In the art room, we got stuck into a bug-themed tuff tray! We used magnifying glasses to look for the bugs, as we did this the adults explained the different names of the insects such as ladybirds and worms!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been very busy celebrating Eid with our beautiful rice tray. The children used the spoon and bowls to scoop and transfer the rice around the tray making their own patterns. We talked about the meaning of Eid and how it’s such a special celebration for the Muslim community!

We’ve also been getting messy with the paint dabbers and paper. The children created a group picture using different coloured paint dabbers making dots and lines on the paper. It was the biggest picture we’ve ever done! Elsewhere in Kindergarten, we also got creative in the art studio. Who needs paintbrushes? We used potatoes and apples to print some really cool paintings. 

The warmer weather has been creeping in so we’ve loved spending more time outside. More specifically, water play! We practised our pouring outside in the water tray and watched as the water made its way down through the tunnels all the way from the top to the bottom. We also used our water tray to give our trucks and cars a good Spring clean. We tested our bravery and balancing skills as we made our way across the balance beams and leapt off at the end! Elsewhere in the garden, we’ve been cooking up a storm in the outdoor kitchen and made a feast for our friends.

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This week in Pre-School we have been celebrating Eid! We had a go at making stars from salt dough, as well as exploring themed story books. 

We also took a trip to the park this week! It was very special as we got to go with some children from Nursery and Kindergarten too. We were great at role modeling for the younger children on the way there, and in the park we had lots of fun exploring the swings and slides!

As the weather warms up we are getting our vegetable patch ready and starting to plant some seeds! Lee and Rhiannon helped us plant some runner beans in small pots, and we talked about how they would grow big and strong if we water them. We also planted some lavender and sage in our planters - they smelled lovely!

Back inside we went 'fishing' in the water tray! We were trying to scoop up the different emotion tokens, it took a lot of concentration and focus but we managed it - we then spoke about the different emotions we found!

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