w/c 15th April 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery we explored a rainbow-themed pom pom tray with our peers! We enjoyed using our hands to transfer the pom poms into the cups and we also had tweezers we could use to pinch the pom poms and transfer them!

We had fun gluing and sticking this week, our adult showed us how to use the glue stick on the paper and we had lots of different materials we could use to stick onto the paper, this was another great activity to help us with our fine motor skills!

There was a lovely sensory activity set up in the tuff tray where we explored orange peels and orange scented water! We had buckets and spoons to scoop the orange peels up and transfer them to the buckets, it smelt amazing too!

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This week in Kindergarten we read our core book approach which is ‘Monkey Puzzle’. We used wooden spoon props, which we picked before we read the story. We each chose a spoon with a character on it and when we saw the animal in the book, we held our spoons up and shouted out what animal it was!

We had lots of painting activities this week, we used our hands, dinosaurs and some interstars to make marks on our paper, we had lots of fun getting messing and creating different types of prints.

A group of us went to the top garden whilst the sun was shining, we created butterfly pictures using bright, colourful materials and then afterwards had fun playing together!

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This week Pre-School we went to the front garden to further explore our core book 'Shark in the Park'! We listened really well to the story, and afterwards we worked as a team to make our own boat using wooden bricks. We then used our cardboard telescopes to look up, down, left and right to see if we could spot any sharks in Pre-School!

Back inside we have been exploring jigsaw puzzles! We have learned that there are 'outside' pieces and 'inside' pieces, and that if we are struggling to fit a piece in sometimes it helps to flip or rotate it until it's right!

We also went on a great sunny trip to Sea Mills rec this week! We noticed all the signs of Spring - blue skies, fluffy clouds, and blossoming flowers! We made our own vase artworks by adding daisies and dandelions to our card.

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