w/c 25th March 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


In Nursery this week one of our big interests is the farm! So we explored a sensory farm activity that Jodie had set up for us. It had lots of different textures in and we experienced each one, we also found some of the different toy animals! When Jodie asked what noises those animals made we were able to copy her.

In the big garden we have been practicing our balancing skills! With help from the adults holding our hands, we were able to walk all the way along the wooden beams and use our feet to do a big jump at the end - wee! In the mud kitchen we were busy digging and making cups of tea for the adults. 

In our rooftop garden we have been making a splash in our Water World! We used our hand eye coordination to hold the fishing nets, moving them around to pickup the frogs and ducks. We were able to repeat words such as "splash" and "duck"!

To finish off the week we invited our families to come in for a special Easter Craft morning! We took part in some painting and creating egg collages, and pink coloured playdough with a lovely orange smell. We got stuck in and had a lovely time - Happy Easter everyone!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been exploring our mathematics skills with an Abacus themed tuff tray! We looked closely at the different loose parts such as the bobbins, sorting and stacking them. The adults encouraged us to count out loud as we went, all the way to ten!

In our water tray we have been giving our toy babies a lovely bubbly bath. We scooped up the water with jugs and used the cloths to help the babies get nice and clean.

We've also been taking part in lots of seasonal Easter activities! We helped decorate a massive cardboard Easter Egg, and made our own special Easter Cards for our loved ones!

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This week in Pre-School we have done lots of Easter activities! We have made some lovely Easter cards,  took part in some egg shaped potato printing, had a lucky dip with shredded paper and had an Easter egg hunt outside! We have really enjoyed listening to the story ‘We are Going on an Egg Hunt’ and have been joining in with the words as our adults read. 

We also had the opportunity to go into the dining room and make sandwiches with our lovely kitchen team! We were able to use knives to spread the butter onto the bread and sprinkled the cheese on top. We were able to cut them into squares and wrap them up ready for our tea later in the day! They were delicious!

We have used our parachute outside this week which was a nice change. We were able to listen to and follow the directions of our adults and played some fun games! We have also done lots of large scale mark making activities inside using large paper and our new whiteboard and pens which have been a big hit - what a fun filled week!

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