w/c 1st April 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we had so much fun playing with gloop! It was so messy! We added some sea creatures, and we enjoyed exploring these and feeling the gloopy texture. We were holding up handfuls of the gloop and watching it fall back into the tray!

Some of us expressed an interest in painting on the art easel. We used the brush to make marks and we used our fingers to explore the paint.

The bubble machine was put on this week and we had lots of fun catching, popping and stamping the bubbles, we sang songs and ran through the sea of bubbles laughing and having a great time with our friends!

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This week in Kindergarten we enjoyed exploring a farmyard tuff tray! We used the animals to make marks in the rice. We then started to mix the shaving foam with our hands and alongside our peers - we all had lots of fun.

Outside in the top garden, we used our magnifying glasses to find different sized objects and to see how they changed size when we moved to magnifying glass either closer to the object or further away!

We spent some time in the art studio using crayons and chalk to mark make, we talked about the chalk making big marks and the crayon making smaller and more fine marks on the paper.

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This week Pre-School made their own telescopes to search for characters from ‘Shark in the Park’! They looked high and low and were super excited when they spotted different images.

Some of us took a trip to the Bristol Museum. We enjoyed the bus journey to the centre before finding Alfred the Gorilla, Doris the Seadragon and exploring different areas of the museum. We particularly enjoyed finding the dinosaurs!

Some of us explored magnets and different resources to find out what was magnetic. We went around the room looking for materials made of metal!

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