Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health

As they grow, all children learn to navigate new emotions, thoughts and behaviour. The world can be a challenging place for a young mind, and at Red Bus we will support your child with managing their emotions and behaviour, and promoting their mental health and general wellbeing.

We know how important it that children are listened to. Children are always invited to discuss their thoughts and share their feelings. At times of emotional distress children will be encouraged to voice their feelings and talk about them. Each member of staff carries a set of ‘emotion cards’, which help children identify what they are feeling at the time.

The children also take part in a variety of mindfulness activities such as yoga or meditation. Each room has a calmer, quieter area where children can go if they need to relax.

Mental Health Emotions
Coombe Dingle Nursery Baby Gym (1)

Physical Wellbeing

Our rooms and gardens are actively designed to encourage children to move and explore. We operate a ‘free-flow’ system, where children have access to both indoor and outdoor environments and can choose where they want to play.

Our Nursery rooms house a baby gym, where even our youngest passengers can stretch, crawl and lift themselves up. In Kindergarten children can explore a vast variety of movements - independently running, jumping, climbing and sliding in our exciting gardens and indoor units. Pre-Schoolers begin to understand instructions and working with others, taking part in dances, stretches and physical games as well as learning more about how the body works.

Diet and nutrition also play a part, as children learn about what food does and how it helps them grow. They will also take part in activities surrounding oral health, through demonstrations with model teeth and discussions on what we can do to keep our mouths healthy!

Outdoor Play

"If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs."

-Nicolette Sowder

There are so many benefits to children being able to play and learn outside, particularly at such an early stage in their lives! Expressing themselves outdoors allows children to become more resilient, curious, independent and creative. It gives opportunities to play with others and learn more about themselves as individuals. 

We have beautiful landscaped gardens, with equipment for physical play, nature areas, mud kitchens and vegetable patches. We also provide opportunities for children to visit nature in a wider sense, going on trips to the local woodlands and streams. Here children can connect with nature, learn to take risks and explore new environments. 

Pre-School children playing in vegetable patch
Toddler Smiling in Garden

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Children can attend Red Bus for up to 11 hours a day - we understand this is a long time for children not to become frustrated! It is our job to support children through these times and help them understand what they need to do.

When it comes to children’s behaviour, we stress the importance of consistency. Our staff tune into what children are saying and doing using the OWLING Technique.

Observe Wait Listen

Used reliably, it allows children to communicate how they are feeling. Children are praised and acknowledged when they display positive actions and attitudes, helping them feel valued and respected. They are encouraged to take turns with each other and support them with solving their own problems.


A healthy, balanced diet is key to giving children the best start in life! At Red Bus children are offered a breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea as well a morning and afternoon snack choice.  

Each of our settings has an on-site kitchen, managed by experienced chefs with a passion for quality food and nutrition. They use their experience and research to create our menus, which not only follow nutritional guidelines from the Eat Better, Start Better pack and Public Health but are full of variety and interest too!

Mealtimes at Red Bus are about so much more than the delicious food. It's a time for children to explore their likes and dislikes, to try new foods, and to bond with their peers and care givers. Our staff are encouraged to sit with the children, role model good mealtime practices and discuss the food they are eating. Promoting independence is key, as children are encouraged to 'self serve' where appropriate. 

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