School Readiness

A vital part of our approach is helping children prepare for starting primary school. And after ten years of tearily waving children goodbye in September, we think we’ve got pretty good at it!

No matter what age they join us, Red Bus children are encouraged to make relationships, be confident, independent, resilient, be able to problem solve and communicate their needs. Children are observed and assessed regularly throughout their Red Bus journey, and before they go onto their next stage the Key Person writes a ‘School Transition Report’; summarising their development across the seven areas of the EYFS, their interests and the way each child learns best. This document is shared with the families and then with the professionals from the setting they are moving on to.

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Each May we begin preparing children for school in earnest, taking part in activities similar to those they will experience from September. We will discuss school with them, considering the wide variety of emotions a child may experience in the lead up to such a significant change.

We help parents get 'school ready' too! We send guidance on how and when to apply for a school place, share activities for you to do at home, and invite you to share any worries or anxieties you may have about your child starting school.