Coombe Dingle

“Every single person that works at Red Bus deserves a thank you – you are all amazing, looking after our children day in, day out, and still smiling. Our sons have both loved their journey…the constant improvements you make to the setting are very impressive, and I hope you go from strength to strength.”

Karen Wiffen/2017/Pre-School leaver

“Our children have loved coming here and have experienced so many things and made so many friends.”

Holly Wykes/2017/two children, Nursery and Pre-School

“Our daughter has loved every minute! She couldn’t even sit up on her own when she started and now look at her – she’s learnt to walk, talk sing – you guys have had so much to do with that and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that she has and you all as positive influences in her life.”

Alexia Graveney/2017/Baby unit moving up to Kindergarten

“Thank you for providing a happy place for my children at Pre-School, they will have very happy memories of their time at Red Bus. The staff have prepared them really well for their transition to school.”

Helen Thorp/2017/Pre-School leaver

“I am so happy and delighted with Red Bus as a nursery, and speak very highly of the quality of learning and care my child receives. Highly recommended”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/Nursery Unit

“Lovely setting especially with new refurbishment. Friendly staff who always say hello! Our children are both happy and love Red Bus.”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/Kindergarten and Pre-School

 “My child has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Red Bus. His keyworker and buddy communicate well with me, they seem to understand his needs and have made time and effort to get to know him. All the staff are friendly and approachable”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/Nursery Unit

“Great nursery, the Nursery Unit staff are AMAZING! My son loves his key worker. Great management team, as a parent I feel my child gets the necessary care”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/Nursery Unit

“We enjoy reading the observations on Parent Zone, seeing progress made and looking at the photos! Our child’s keyworker and buddy try hard to interact with him and they are really caring and supportive.“

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/Kindergarten Unit

“We have been extremely happy and impressed with Red Bus since day one. We cannot fault any aspect of our children’s time there. Our daughter has developed friendships so strong that although she is only two, she will remember them always.”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/Kindergarten Unit

“Adam had an excellent time at Red Bus and we are delighted with the experience he’s had. The extensively rebuilt facilities are brand new and second to none, the garden area a particular highlight for Adam. All staff were very respectful and enthusiastic, and Adam’s key workers seemed a very good match for him. He has been prepared extremely well for reception/school. Overall we would highly recommend Red Bus to anyone and we are really pleased that we chose Red Bus.”

Simon Barrington/2017/Pre-School leaver

“I always recommend Red Bus to parents and have positive things to say. The recent improvements are excellent and I am pleased to have met the owner who seems very involved and caring about the nursery – this is very reassuring. The key people for my child are approachable, thoughtful, caring, and communicate with me well.”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/ Pre-School

“With my two boys I have had experience of 4 nurseries now, even as far afield as Australia. I can honestly say I think Red Bus is my favourite. The facilities and staff are excellent and only getting better by the day with the new improvements. Thank you for a lovely three years and a fantastic nursery.”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/ Pre-School

“I am very impressed with Red Bus, my child has become a more independent person. At first he did not want to interact with other children, now he just goes off and plays with others. His knowledge is amazing and this has been helped by the staff at Red Bus.”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/ Pre-School

“My son has had a wonderful time at Red Bus, his key workers and all staff have looked after him well and encouraged him along the way. He has made some lovely friends and developed socially and generally had a great time! It was difficult to vision the end result of the build…but the end result is amazing! It is great having so much space both inside and out and additional activities like Forest School give the children lots of variety.”

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/ Pre-School


“All staff are very friendly and accommodating. The activities and ideas produced at Red Bus is really impressive. The facilities and setting is great for the little ones. But most of all you know your child goes to an impressive nursery when they run out of your hands in the morning and don’t look back. Hard to take sometimes but helps knowing that they are happy and excited to spend the day at the nursery”

Nathaniel Simpson/2018/Feedback (NDNA) Nursery Unit

“I love the friendly atmosphere of our nursery. I have absolute trust in the team and know that my little girl is well cared for and treated with nothing but patience and kindness. The girls on the team always provide feedback and really know my child and her individual needs, likes, dislikes and how to make her smile and engage with the activities they put on. I feel that she really has had huge jumps in her development since starting there less than a year ago”

Mrs Katie Green/2018/Feedback (NDNA) Nursery Unit

“A great nursery. The team are very attentive, friendly, professional and enthusiastic. They take great pride in their work making each day exciting for the children in their care. We receive regular updates throughout the day – food sounds exciting and the activities are great fun! My daughter comes home Happy, more social with new skills she is keen to master. I believe Red Bus provides a stimulating environment for the children. There are lots of interesting activities planned (outdoor play, forest school, paint work shops intrresting musical toys and walkers). I am confident the nursery is providing my child an excellent start in life. I could not be happier. My daughter also eats a lot better since joining. I am so pleased she attends this nursery, and am so grateful she is so happy when we drop her off”

Liz Caisey/2018/Feedback (NDNA) Nursery Unit

“Thank you so much for all your care and support, Joseph has grown so much in confidence and character”

Georgia Nutley/2017/Pre-School leaver

“Thank you so much for helping me grow, supporting me and being their for me”

Lorenzo – Paula Garcia-Jones/2017/Pre-School leaver

“Thank you so much for helping me to learn and have lots of fun at the same time”

Fred – Jo Gilbert/2017/Pre-School leaver

“I have had an amazing time and met some friends for life, It’s been fun coming to Red Bus”

Devon – Toni Saunders/2017/Pre-School leaver

“Thank you so much for teaching me lots of new and exciting things and preparing me for school”

Charlie – Gemma Talbot/2017/Pre-School leaver

“Mollie has had an amazing time at Red Bus especially making friends, chasing chickens and forest school”

Kate Webster/2017/Pre-School leaver

“Thank you so much for nurturing ,encouraging, developing supporting and caring for Ffion”

Sarah Jones/2017/Pre-School leaver

“You have been so wonderful to us and we will always be so grateful for everything you have done”

Dani Pessia/2017/Pre-School leaver

“She’s got memories to cherish forever she will miss you very much”

Kirsty Hunt/2017/Pre-School leaver

Thank you for all the time, care and compassion you have given”

Katy Gibbs/2017/Pre-School leaver

“Thank you for teaching me how to write my own name”

Sophia – Mimi Lau/2017/Pre-School leaver

“We love Red Bus the girls absolutely love coming. The staff are excellent the environment is lovely and the food (I’m told) Is amazing” 

Parent Questionnaire Feedback/2017/ Pre-School