Our Story

Our first setting in Coombe Dingle opened in 2011, and our second setting based in Downend followed soon after in 2015. Both are large, interesting buildings full of history that have been transformed into exciting areas for learning and play. Both nurseries have been rated OUTSTANDING in their latest Ofsted reports. Our third setting based in Flax Bourton is due to open in 2022.

Our settings are filled with over 150 members of staff, all passionate about what they do. Our team has a cumulative 374 years of experience, and our settings are large enough to provide childcare to over 250 children a day across Bristol. That’s a lot of big numbers - but with such spacious rooms and a supportive management hierarchy in place, each unit can almost feel like its own smaller nursery!

Our investment in the settings never stops, with new resources such as our Curiosity Room, Library, Yurt, and extensive gardens introduced in the last year. Each room has been carefully designed and filled with resources appropriate for each age range.

Downend Curiosity Room 2
Liz Red Bus Owner

Liz's Story
Starting the Red Bus Journey

 “As one of eight children and part of a large extended family, I have always been passionately interested in working with children. It wasn’t until I began search for childcare for my daughter Chloe that I became very disappointed with what was being offered in my locality. I was also surprised by the poor physical size and layout of many settings. Spurred on by my experience, I undertook more structured research in the market. My vision took shape but I still needed an excellent setting. I took to the property market to find the ideal building and location. There was nothing in the existing marketplace, so we bought and renovated two superb buildings in Bristol and South Gloucestershire that entirely lend themselves to the creation of excellent facilities for children. Last but not least, I recruit the best, most passionate practitioners. Together, as one team, we are creating a very special place for children – Red Bus Nursery & Pre-school, an environment that provides children with an excellent start on their journey through to school”.