Our Story

  • November 2011
    Red Bus Coombe Dingle opened!

  • June 2015
    Red Bus Downend opened!

  • June 2022
    Red Bus Flax Bourton opened!

Over 250 members of the Red Bus team...

With over 380 years of experience...

Providing care and education to over 350 children a day across Bristol!

 That’s a lot of big numbers - but with such spacious rooms and a supportive management hierarchy in place, each unit can almost feel like its own smaller nursery. Our investment in the settings never stops, with new resources such as our Sensory Room, Library, Kitchen renovation, and extensive gardens introduced in the last few years. Each room has been carefully designed and filled with resources appropriate for each age range.

Coombe Dingle Pre-School Tough Tuff Tray
Liz (1)

Liz's Story
Starting the Red Bus Journey

"As part of a large family and one of eight, I’ve always been interested in working with children. It was only when looking for childcare for my daughter that I realised the very real demand for quality, well run nurseries. My vision took shape and I took to the property market, renovating a superb building in Coombe Dingle – and my daughter was one of the first children to attend!

After successfully opening a second setting in Downend and spurred on by so much positive feedback I set my sights closer to home, opening our third setting in Flax Bourton. The Red Bus journey won’t stop here, as we continue to grow our small cluster of exceptional childcare settings and recruiting the best, most passionate practitioners. Together, as one team, we are creating a very special place for children."