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Wendover Baby!

Red Bus Downend would like to wish a Happy 56th Birthday to Trudy who was born here in Wendover House on the 24th February 1960 !
Today Trudy surprised her mother and arranged for her to come round and see the Nursery.
Her mother reminisced about her experiences about having her Trudy at Wendover House. She can remember that where our ‘Nursery Suite’ is was the maternity ward and the delivery room was downstairs.
Trudy’s mother said she thought the building had been transformed beautifully and was pleased that the building was still being used for young children.
It was a pleasure to show them both around!
If you like Trudy and our Senior Manager Su (Baby picture below!) were born here or if you worked here and would like to come and see how we have transformed the building from a Maternity Hospital then NHS building to the Nursery it is today please contact us and we will arrange for you to come visit 🙂