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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 14th December 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle we have been so busy with lots of festive activities! Nursery got stuck into a Christmas Pudding sensory tray, filled with crunchy crispy cereal. The children moved and squished their pieces in their hands, and used spoons and bowls to pour the mixture around! Babies have also been writing letters to Father Christmas, using felt tip pens to make marks on paper and pushing them into the post-box ready to go up to the North Pole! In the art studio this week the children have been using stencils, mixing lots of different coloured paints and discovering the amazing shapes left after the stencil is removed.

It’s been a glittery week in Kindergarten as the children explored a sparkly tray! The children used wooden sticks and their fingers to make marks in the glitter, and mixed the colours together. The children have also been making Christmas Cards in the art studio this week, decorating cellophane fir trees with lots of glitter and sequins – beautiful! Kindergarten have also discovered and winter wonderland small world table this week, complete with real ice – brrr! The children watched the ice melt in their hands and moved the toy people, cars and trains around the track.

Pre-School have also been learning about ice this week, using ice cube trays. The children carefully poured dyed water into the moulds to put in the freezer, and then discovered water had frozen into lots of different shapes! Out in the front garden Pre-School have been keeping warm and active with an obstacle course, jumping high, crawling low and balancing carefully in hoops. Pre-School have also been learning to make paper chains this week, carefully using scissors to cut the shapes out of card. The children then learned how to weave the pieces together to make long  chains – great work!