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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 15th March 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have had a very exciting week as they explored their new rooftop garden resources! The children navigated the wooden blocks, climbing up and down and developing their balancing across the beam. They also explored the water play resources, discovering how the water flows through the different sizes of bowls and making a big SPLASH when they overflow! To celebrate St Patrick’s day some children discovered the gold at the end of the rainbow – and the rainbow too! The children used their hands, spoons and other toys to mix the different colours together.

Kindergarten this week also celebrated St Patrick’s day, exploring different mark making by painting their own pots of gold and shamrocks! In the art studio the children also made artwork in a different way, as the table was covered in clingfilm and paint was poured over it…the children used stamps and rollers to move and mix the colours, discovering how the various tools left different marks! In the book corner this week Kindergarten read different books based on the ‘Inside Out’ film, they talked about the different emotions we can feel and even practiced pulling facial expressions to match the feelings! Out in the garden this week the children have been exploring chalk, learning different shapes by tracing them onto the floor and blackboards. 

This week Pre-School have been learning all about transport and construction! In the garden some children have been decorating cardboard boxes, transforming them into cars, bicycles and airplanes. Back inside the children were challenged to make their own structures, using foam to stick and stack blocks together making tall towers and amazing buildings! In the top garden Pre-School have spent lots of time in the mud kitchen this week, role playing with the pots and pans and discussing all the yummy food they were baking.