Learning through play

Our approach is based on learning through play – vital for children to develop, gain confidence and have fun. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we recognise strengths and support development of new skills. All important numeracy, literacy and writing skills are achieved through stories, games, songs, play and more, with your child’s development tracked at all stages. To help your child feel cared for and┬ádevelop a sense of belonging, we assign them a very special key person who will work in partnership with you. Examples include open access to your child’s learning journal (via our secure parent portal), parent feedback from child’s development at home, daily verbal communication, parents evenings, newsletters and questionnaires.

Standard of care

You can be assured your child is receiving a very high standard of childcare. Being Ofsted registered means we adhere to a strict set of standards, but importantly we commit to go ‘over and above’ the norm in becoming an outstanding place for your child. You can have complete confidence in choosing Red Bus.

As keen participators in recognition schemes that support our continuous improvement, we are proud receiver of ‘The Bristol Standard’ awarded by our local authority to celebrate our commitment to positive outcomes for children.

Outdoor learning at Red Bus

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There any many benefits a child will experience by being able to express themselves and learning outside, especially at such an early stage in their lives. Effective outside play makes children more resilient, confident, independent and creative, and at the same time they have so much fun.

Our outdoor learning enviroments are richly resourced with exciting play materials that can be adapted and used in many different ways, often driven by the children themselves.

We have beautiful landscaped gardens which the children help to maintain. They learning about healthy eating as they grow their own produce, ready to be cooked in our kitchen.


Forest School



At Red Bus we are passionate about the outdoors as an inspirational learning environment for children. We provide opportunities for them to participate in regular ‘Forest School’ sessions┬ádelivered by a qualified Forest School Teacher, either in local woodland or within our own grounds.

We encourage them to push their own boundaries and connect with nature, exploring their natural environment using natural resources.

They do a multitude of things from bug hunting to flower planting, den building, forest games and exploring nature’s garden. The fun continues through the seasons, wet weather suits and wellies at the ready.

Forest school is a unique way to build confidence and self-esteem, to learn new life skills and to encourage independence through hands on experiences.

As for the children, they absolutely love it!

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