First Stop - Nursery Suite (3 Months - 2 1/2 Years)

Our Nursery Suite is home to our youngest passengers! We have different areas to support the various ages within this group, and offer a range of play experiences to excite and challenge your child. They can clamber on the baby gym, explore books and treasure baskets, and relax in our soft play corner. There is dedicated space for sleeping and eating, and their own outdoor play area.

When your child is ready for the next stage of their journey will we sensitively move them on through a series of ‘visits’ to their new area, ensuring it happens with ease.

Next Stop - Kindergarten (2 Years - 3 1/2 Years)

The ‘Amazing 2’s’! An exciting age when your child is learning how to make important decisions and choices. In this age group your child is given plenty of time to explore and make learning discoveries, fostering their independence whilst being supported by our experienced and qualified staff.

Here too there are opportunities for physical activity as well as role play, mark making and messy play! The unit has nappy changing units alongside child-appropriate toilets to help your child on their potty training journey, as well as areas for rest and sleep for those children who need to recharge their batteries throughout the day.

As their confidence grows and their independence starts to emerge, we carefully plan their move to Pre-School for the next exciting part of their journey.

Last Stop - Pre-School (3 to 5 Years)

Ding ding – Last stop!

We encourage our Pre-Schoolers to be as independent as possible; choosing activities of interest and initiating their own learning. A wide range of resources in our learning zones offer inspiration and opportunity – book corner, home corner, construction, small world make believe, role play, science & nature, technology, art…. Your child will learn with friends, encouraging social development.

A big part of this time is helping your child get ready for big school, developing their confidence and resilience in preparation for the transition. We work closely with parents and local schools to ensure their final move from Red Bus is a positive one.

Outdoor Learning & Forest School

There any many benefits a child will experience by being able to express themselves and learning outside, especially at such an early stage in their lives. Effective outside play makes children more resilient, confident, independent and creative, and at the same time they have so much fun!

We have beautiful landscaped gardens which the children help to maintain. We have equipment for physical play, nature areas, water play, mud kitchens and vegetable patches!

Forest School

We provide opportunities for our to participate in regular ‘Forest School’ sessions delivered by a qualified Forest School Teacher, either in local woodland or within our own grounds.

We encourage them to push their own boundaries and connect with nature, exploring their environment using natural resources.

They do a multitude of things from bug hunting to flower planting, den building, forest games and exploring!

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