Nursery Suite (3 months - 2 ½ years)

Our beautiful Nursery Suite is home to our youngest passengers.

Each area supports different ages within this group and offers a range of play experiences to excite and challenge your child including our play gym, soft play, treasure baskets, music, books and more.

Sensory areas add a crucial dimension to your child’s development. Only when your child is ready for the next stage of their journey will we sensitively move them on through a series of ‘visits’ to their new area, ensuring it happens with ease.



Kindergarten (2 - 3 ½ years)

The ‘Amazing 2’s’, an exciting and fun age when your child is learning how to make important decisions and choices.

In this age group your child is given plenty of time to explore and make learning discoveries, experimenting with independence whilst caring and qualified staff offer comfort and support. With a wonderful range of resources available, there are lots of exciting possibilities to choose from.

Our quieter areas offer our little ones plenty of opportunity to recharge their batteries throughout the day. As their confidence grows and their independence starts to emerge, we carefully plan their move to pre-school for the next exciting part of their journey.

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Pre-School (3-5 years)

We encourage our pre-schoolers to be more independent; choosing actitives of intrest, initating their own learning. A wide range of resouces in our leaning zones offer inspiration and opportunity – book corner, home corner, construction, small world make believe, role play, maths & literacy, science & nature, computers, art…. Your child will learn with friends, helping with and encouraging social development.

Your child will become more confident and independent in readiness for their move to school.

We don’t stop there, we work closely with school to ensure their final move from Red Bus is a positive one.



Healthy eating & wellbeing

We promote healthy eating and wellbeing by offering a well balanced diet alongside regular physical activity. Supported through research, healthy habits in the years before school influence growth, development and academic achievement in later life.

Many opportunities are taken to involve your child in activities to promote their physical development t and general mobility, balance and fitness. We hope this will encourage our children from an early age to choose physical activity and enjoy it as part of their everyday routine.

Mealtimes are Red Bus provide opportunities for children to learn about and try new foods and to develop their social and life skills amongst their friends. When reaching the appropriate age, children are supported to be independent through choosing and serving themselves gaining and understanding of portion sizes.



Safety and security

It is critical for all our parents and carers that they are able to leave the children in a secure and safe place. Red Bus takes security extremely seriously and has a number of measures in place to ensure all of our children are safe at all times.

In Coombe Dingle & Downend we have a fob security system. Our front door is locked and can only be opened by a member of staff or with a designated fob which allows access through the front door only. Each family will receive one fob, if you need to access the building without the fob a member of staff can let you in the nursery providing you identify yourself. A second tier security measure is in place into each area of the setting.

  • Staff. We train our staff in the absolute importance of security and they are fully versed in our safety and security policies which are refreshed regularly. Our staff are trained to pick up on anything unusual and to report it immediately. Everyone has the right to challenge anything they see.
  • Child collection policy. We careful register the individuals who you approve to collect your child. Should we receive a call about adding someone to the list that day, or should someone arrive unexpectedly at the setting to collect a child, rigorous security measure are taken to ensure your child should be picked up. If we have any uncertainty at all, we will not allow the child to leave with that person.
  • Open environment. We have deliberately designed our settings as very ‘open’ so that everything that is going on within the setting is visible to others, without detracting from a child’s privacy. We want to know who and what is happening in our setting at all times.

The safeguarding of your child is the most important responsibility we have whilst your child is in our care.

Key Person System

The key person will plan key experiences based on your child’s interests and stage of development and will observe and monitor your child. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and we welcome parental contributions to the learning that takes place at Red Bus.

Policies and procedures

Everything we do is underpinning by comprehensive, best practice policies and procedures, which are staff are trained to follow consistently from day one. Developed from experience you can be assured that your child is safe and secure and has a stimulating journey at Red Bus.

Dedicated and professional team

We are nothing without our dedicated team of highly qualified Early Years Practitioners who are passionate about childcare. Many of them are parents themselves, totally committed to ensuring each child has the best experience. We invest time and resources into our staff including first class training and all staff are paediatric first aid trained.

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