Safety and Security

It is critical for our parents and carers that they are able to leave their children in a secure and safe place. Red Bus takes security extremely seriously and has a number of measures in place to ensure your children are safe at all times.

At our settings we use a fob security system. Our front door is locked and can only be opened by a member of staff or parent with a designated fob which allows access through the front door only. Each family will receive one fob, if you need to access the building without the fob a member of staff can let you in the nursery providing you identify yourself. A second tier security measure is in place into each area of the setting.

  • Staff. We train our staff in the absolute importance of security and they are fully versed in our safety and security policies which are refreshed regularly. Our staff are trained to pick up on anything unusual and to report it immediately. Everyone has the right to challenge anything they see.
  • Child collection policy. We careful register the individuals who you approve to collect your child. There are rigorous security measures in place should we receive a call about adding someone to the list that day, or should someone arrive unexpectedly at the setting to collect your child. If we have any uncertainty at all, we will not allow the child to leave with that person.
  • Open environment. We have deliberately designed our settings as ‘open’ so that everything that is going on within the setting is visible to others, without detracting from a child’s privacy. We want to know who and what is happening in our setting at all times.

The safeguarding of your child is the most important responsibility we have whilst your child is in our care.

Learning Through Play

“Play gives children the chance to practice what they are learning” – Mr Rogers

Our approach is based on learning through play – vital for children to develop, gain confidence and have fun. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we recognise strengths and support development of new skills.

Numeracy, literacy and writing skills are achieved through stories, games, songs, play and more, with your child’s development tracked at all stages. Physical development and emotional development are supported and nurtured through relationships with our staff and others.

As your child’s first educator and partners in your child’s learning, you will receive regular updates via ParentZone and other events such as parent’s evenings.


Our Team

We are nothing without our dedicated team of highly qualified Early Years Practitioners who are passionate about childcare. Many of them are parents themselves, totally committed to ensuring each child has the best experience. We invest time and resources into our staff including first class training such as paediatric first aid.

When your child starts they will be assigned a member of staff as a key person. They will plan key experiences based on your child’s interests and stage of development and will observe and monitor your child. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and we welcome parental contributions to the learning that takes place at Red Bus.

Your child’s key person will work alongside a ‘buddy’ group and as part of a larger staff group so every  member of staff knows your child well.


ParentZone is the software we use to communicate with you whilst your child is here at Red Bus. It can be accessed via your internet browser or their own dedicated app, and throughout the day you will receive notifications of what your child is up to. How long they have slept, what they’ve eaten – and of course, lots of pictures and observations of their play!

Through your child’s journey at Red Bus, ParentZone will help build a chronological timeline of your child’s development. You can keep these updates as daily reports that can be sent to your emails, as well as saving their learning journals at the end of their Red Bus Journey!

Quality Standards

You can be assured your child is receiving a very high standard of childcare. Being Ofsted registered means we adhere to a strict set of standards, but importantly we commit to go ‘over and above’ the norm in becoming an outstanding place for your child. You can have complete confidence in choosing Red Bus.

Quality Assurance

The quality of our provision is paramount to us. We provide care and education well beyond the norm to ensure that children in our care benefit from the highest standards. Why? Because your child deserves the best that can be provided. Red Bus settings are all committed to quality provision.

  • We have a programme of continuous staff development.
  • We have developed management toolkit for Managers.
  • Staff are trained to a high standard including vocational qualifications at Level 2, 3, 4 and above. They also undertake mandatory training in areas such as: child protection, first aid, food hygiene.
  • We have an excellent reputation for caring for children with additional needs including those children with exceptional needs.

At Red Bus we are proud to have received numerous external awards for quality in various aspects of our work:

  •  5* Food Safety Rating
  • Local Authority support (QIF)
  • Members of NDNA
  • Bristol standards quality assurance scheme

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