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This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery, in the art area some of us got stuck in using our hand
eye coordination to build a house for the 3 little pigs! We used different colored sand as
the cement, we worked together to spread the sand and stick each brick together and
repeatied words like "sand" and "brick".

Some of us have been exploring our reflection in the mirror, the adults encouraged us
to point to our noses, mouths, eyes and ears - we smiled as we pointed out each part!

In the home corner area we have been making new friends while making toast and
cups of tea for the adults. Some of us have been fascinated looking at all the different
colours we can see on the floor with the different colour sensory blocks and the sun
shining through the window! The adults encouraged us to line them up along the floor
and point to each one.

As it's been warm this week we have spent lots time cooling down with lots water play
outside on the roof top garden making a big splash in both the tuff tray and big water

To finish the week we had a fun and sticky activity with spaghetti we got stuck in
using our hands to feel the spaghetti the adults encouraged to repeat words like
"sticky" and "spaghetti"!

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To begin our week in Kindergarten, on Monday we went to the park! The children
explored the different play equipment in the park. They went on lots of different
swings, a seesaw, climbing frame, slide and a roundabout! They had lots of fun in the
sun and we finished by having snack outside, before walking back to Red Bus.

Our core book this term is 'The Naughty Bus'. We have read this lots and this week we
have been engaging in many activities involving busses! This includes activities in the
craft station. We practiced our cutting and sticking skills to cover our bus in lots of
colorful resources, including pipe cleaners, pom poms and feathers. The children
enjoyed this so much that we decorated another bus outside in the sun. We have also
set up a bus station role play area! The children have been answering the phone from
people who want to book tickets, writing in the diary and giving their friends tickets.

Many children this week have had an interest in magnets. The children have been
going around the room seeing what the magnets stick to! The children discovered
that the magnets stick to the fridge! When a child tried to stick the magnet to a toy
train, it didn't work. Gemma suggested that we could put the train on the floor and
push it away with the magnet! The children then had lots of fun making the trains
drive using the magnets.

This week in the courtyard, we had lots of different sized boxes! The children had lots
of fun seeing if they could fit in the boxes. The children moved their legs and arms so
they could close the boxes. The children played peekaboo, jumping out at their
friends! They also sat in the boxes, pretending that the boxes were boats. They all
sang songs together including row row row the boat and a song about pirates sailing!

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This week in Pre-School has been a summery blast! We have done lots of indoor play
and very creative play outdoors. Have a read and see what we have done...

This week inside we have been having so much fun whilst learning. Our core book
currently is 'The Colour Monster' and the children have really enjoyed drawing their own
colour monster.

In the building area this week, the children have been working
together to build a race track. Once the race track was built, they really enjoyed
racing the cars down it. They have also built a race track outside this week on the

Inside this week, they really enjoyed decorating biscuits. They took it in turns to put
different colour icing sugar on their biscuit. They then had a choice if they would like
go put sprinkles on biscuit!

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