w/c 4th July 2022
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, children have been enjoying the beautiful sunny weather in the garden. The children explored painting with water, dipping brushes into pots and trying out a variety of marks, patterns and shapes on the wall!

Some babies also noticed the apples that had fallen from the tree in the nature area. The children enjoyed collecting them up and arranging them in the baking trays, counting along with their adults!

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This week Kindergarten had lots of fun playing with the sand and water in the garden! They used buckets to gradually add water, observing how the texture of the sand changes as they went. Then they used toy trucks, scoops and spoons to make marks in the mixture!

Back inside in the art studio, some children expressed themselves using beautiful pastel paints! The children experimented with sweeping long movements, mixing the paints together and creating wonderful artwork. 

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This week in Pre-School the children have been having outdoor adventures, planting sunflowers. The children talked about what seeds need to grow - scooping up soil into pots, pushing in the seeds, and adding water! 

Back inside the gardening play continued as children explored a sensory tray, filled with soil, sieves and toy insects! The children looked at the identification cards and tried to spot the different bugs hidden around. 

Pre-School also had a go at using their fine motor skills, with pipe cleaners! The children focused really well, bending and shaping the pipe cleaners into different shapes and linking them together!

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