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This Week in Downend (W/C 25th January 2021)

This week in Downend the babies have been spending time on the rooftop garden mark making with chalks. The children have been experimenting making music with wind chimes as well as learning about different colours. Back inside the children have been learning about shapes by fitting the correct eggs into the boxes. They also found that some dinosaurs had been left out in the cold and were now stuck in ice – they were very cold dinosaurs! Brr!

This week in Kindergarten they have been practising their shapes with a wide range of mark making tools. They then used their scales to weigh different objects from their room, they focused on what objects were taller, heavier and lighter. Kindergarten enjoyed some music time, where adults showed them a guitar! They sung lots of nursery rhymes and were able to dance in the room. The children this week also learnt lots of new skills such as threading and letter writing.

In Pre-School this week they had lots of fun exploring the garden with the snow that was left over from the weekend. Inside the children have been practicing colour matching by finding objects around the room that were the same colour. To practise their counting skills the children threaded pasta whilst counting to get to the number on the other side of the thread. Back outside Pre-School went on a letter hunt, the adults had hidden them all over so the children became explorers trying to find all of the letters.