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This Week in Downend (W/C 1st March 2021)

This week at Downend, babies have been involved in lots of sensory play! Using their new tuff trays they have been exploring jelly, shaving foam and bubbles and using their hands to feel lots of new exciting textures.  The babies also completed a cooking activity this week – each child was allowed their own biscuit and icing, and using their own spoons they chose to to decorate and spread the icing on top. Elsewhere in Nursery this week the children have been getting creative! The children used their fingers to spread paint through the cling film to create lots of different marks and patterns (without the mess!). The children then used yellow paint to create daffodil pictures to celebrate St David’s Day. The babies used lots of hand eye coordination to carefully create their beautiful paintings. Outside on the rooftop garden this week Babies have been exploring vegetables in their tuff tray. They have also been hunting for hidden vegetables in the garden, using real garden tools to scoop, pour and scatter the rice to discover what was hidden!

This week in Kindergarten the children had lots of fun leading up to World Book Day! They found all different genres of books throughout the week and read a new book every day, talking about what they liked about each one. The children were able to find their favourite characters and discussed the similarities and differences between them. Some were regal royalty, some wore a red and white tops and were very hard to find -and one was a tiger who came to tea! Kindergarten were also able to get very messy and involved in arts and crafts this week. They went out searching for natural resources in their garden to use to make amazing artwork. They chose from different leaves and twigs and used paint to make lots of different marks!

Pre-School have been so busy this week taking part in lots of different activities! On Monday they celebrated St Davids day, first talking about what it was and then creating some lovely daffodil pictures using paint and pieces of tissue paper. They have also enjoyed playing with homemade playdough this week, using their amazing imaginations to create different objects – they made lots of different flavoured cupcakes and birthday cakes! The children were able to practise their fine motor skills this week by using scissors to carefully follow the lines on the paper, whilst others practiced tracing over drawings, following the lines carefully. Finally on world book day the children came in dressed as their favourite book characters and enjoyed drawing pictures of the characters and sharing their favourite stories!