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This Week in Downend (W/C 1st February 2021)

This week in Downend, Nursery children have been exploring the garden. They have been investigating the different musical instruments seeing what sounds they could make and have had lots of fun on the slide. Back inside they have been getting creative by making pictures, they used paint, pencils and crayons in all different colours.

Nursery children have been enjoying many activities to support mental health week. They have explored a range of vegetables and their colours and used these to enhance the role play area. They have also been involved in creative activities which included water painting and making their loved ones Valentines cards.

In Kindergarten this week they have been learning all about animals and how we care for them, they recognised in our garden, worms and spiders! Outside the children enjoyed some bird watching using their magnifying glasses they searched the skies and trees to find different birds. Back inside they have been exploring different coloured paints and what happened when they mixed primary colours together!

This week Pre-School have been enjoying lots of messy activities. In their tuff tray they have been using scales to measure out flour and finding out how much each jug could hold. They have also been experimenting with different coloured paints and created some amazing pictures on their cotton wheels. Outside the children went on an adventure searching for different bird pictures that had been hidden, once they had been found they discussed the different types of birds they had found. After learning that birds will forage for sticks and leaves to make their nests, the children got to make their own out of bits they could find in the garden.