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This Week in Downend (W/C 18th January 2021)

This week in Downend, Nursery room have been getting creative! They have been exploring different ways to mark make, including painting with animals, colouring with crayons and using dabbers and pencils to draw shapes. Whilst looking out the window some children spotted a rainbow, and afterwards they enjoyed singing the rainbow song and learning each of the different colours. Nursery have had lots of new friends joining, so we have highlighted the importance of nice hands. In small groups children were encouraged to learn new names by listening to the adults sing the good morning song, including everyone’s names.

This week in Kindergarten they have been exploring different professions, the children have been teachers, doctors and architects. They then learnt the job of an archaeologist, as they created beautiful fossils and animals with clay. They have been learning about how to keep safe and how to help with first aid! Poor Hayley had a sore arm, thankfully we had lots of doctors to help make her better. They then checked each other’s temperature’s and started to understand that green means good! They then were shown different parts of the body and how they look in an x-ray. They worked with bandages and learnt how to wrap up poorly arms and legs!  Great work Kindergarten!

In Pre-School this week they have been using their role play area to learn about the importance of cleaning! They used washing up liquid (an empty bottle) and a fresh cloth to wash up different utensils at their sink. They then focused on what equipment would need to be cleaned regularly and chose the tables and chairs. In the Art Studio Pre-School used scraps of shiny paper to create rainbow fish, they used lots of different coloured paper and carefully cut out different shapes for the fish scales. Next they had the chance to use their sea animal stamps and their own choices of paints to create great pictures. Lastly some children explored the diggers in the tuff tray and discovered how to transport pasta from one area to another and from one digger to another.