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This Week in Downend (W/C 16th March 2020)

This week in Downend, our Nursery children have been exploring the roof top garden! They have used the small tuff tray and the duplo blocks to make some amazing structures. They also have been making some yummy smoothies using berries and milk. Alongside all this fun the children have also been practicing washing their hands. Well done Nursery children you are getting very good at this!

 This week Kindergarten room have been exploring shapes. The children have made their very own shape monsters! SCARY! They have also practiced their emotions this week by pulling different faces and adding these photos on to their emotion wall. In the dining room the children explored a way of making sure all the germs have come off their hands. They experimented using pepper and soap to illustration how much they have to wash their hands to remove the pepper.  Kindergarten children enjoyed using bright blue salt dough to explore the texture and then used the scissors to snip at it. They also loved playing in the role play area with the farm and all the farm animals.

This week Pre-School room have also been experimenting with health and hygiene. They have taken part in the handwashing activity, the children used pepper and soap to make sure all the germs have gone off their hands. Some of the children choose to play in the cosy area, making use of all the new relaxing resources. The art studio is always a very popular area for children to explore, using all the different colour paints and they have really enjoyed mark making in the writing area!