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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 8th February 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, love is in the air! In our Nursery unit some of the children explored a Valentine’s themed sensory tray. The children looked closely at all the different objects and materials, and used their hands to feel the variety of textures. There was also textural mark making happening this week, as some children used the spiky shapes to paint with! The babies found it fascinating to feel the soft squishy shapes and discovered how they leave different marks on the page. Nursery also had an amazing time with a Tiny Tim tray! The children used their hands, spoons and bowls to move the green and black sand around – and of course, had the best time popping the bubbles as they flew around!

Kindergarten have also been celebrating Valentine’s Day, making beautiful artwork from a variety of resources. The children chose to decorate their paper with paint and heart shaped foam pieces, and they talked about their loved ones and who they might give their masterpiece to! Kindergarten have also been developing their coordination and motor skills with an activity involving porridge oats and different containers. The children used different bowls and cups to move the oats around, trying carefully not to spill any – great job! Outside in the garden the children have been keeping warm and active by showing off their jumping and balancing skills. They showed brilliant risk evaluating as they talked about what things are safe to jump from, and how to make sure we land safely!  

Pre-School have also been talking about landings of a different kind! The children have been making parachutes for some of the toy animals. The children used paper, fabric and string and used the top garden to test them out – fantastic! Back inside Pre-School have been talking about all things medieval, with lots of castles, crowns and knights. Some children made their own shields and trumpets, decorating them with felt tip pens and pencils and role playing afterwards. Some children were daring rescuers of some frozen dragons! They were presented with toys that had been trapped in ice, and talked about the different ways they could save them. They noticed that the ice was cold, so by using warm water they managed to free the toys, how clever!