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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 7th December 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle, our babies have been taking part in a lucky dip! The children explored a tray full of foam peanuts, what can you find…? A present! The babies then unwrapped each object to discover what it was. Nursery engaged in a multi-sensory activity this week, exploring a table of full of cinnamon scented playdough, dried oranges and cloves. The babies looked at each piece carefully, sniffing each festive scent…some children stacked the orange slices in towers, whilst some used the cloves to make marks in the dough. In the art studio children have been spreading glue on paper, and using their hands to mix different coloured glitter together into sparkly masterpieces! The older children have been discovering our new climbing frame this week, boldly climbing over the triangles and developing their balancing skills on the wobble boards!

Pre-School this week has been jam-packed full of festive activities. The children have been singing along to lots of Christmas songs, some children taking part in an interactive version of ‘When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney’ – each child taking turns to help free Father Christmas! In the art studio there has been lots of crafting, using white doilies and shiny foil to make snowmen and baubles. Some children decorated card and learned how to roll it into a beautiful Christmas lantern! Out in the garden this week Pre-School took part in an activity based on the ‘That’s Not My…’ books, looking at different characters who had parts of their outfits missing – oh no! The children took their pictures around the garden and looked at the different colours… which materials are the right colour to match the Elf’s green hat or Santa’s white beard?