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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 30th November 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle we have been feeling ever so festive! The Christmas decorations are up and all of our children have been busy taking part in some seasonal activities.

Babies have had so much fun playing with floury, snowy sensory trays this week – some children explored some festive shapes and tinsel, and discovered all the different textures of the objects and flour. Other children enjoyed a snowball tray, using stamps to make lots of different circular marks in the ‘snow’! Out in the rooftop garden babies have been wrapping up warm to explore the rainy weather, looking at the different places rain gathers and having great fun splashing in their wellies!

Kindergarten have also spent time outside this week, taking part in a musical activity. The children were given wooden sticks and went off to explore the different noises they could make from different objects – the melodic xylophones and triangles, but also discovering what noises hollow toys and furniture make too! Back indoors Christmas crafting is well underway, as children have been decorating festive shapes to make baubles for the window. The children showed great control pouring the glue and glitter over their paper. Elsewhere this week Kindergarten have been learning about shapes, looking through both the 2D and 3D plastic shapes. The children talked about how many sides and corners they have, and even learnt that some of them can stack into tall towers –wow!

It’s been incredibly festive in Pre-School this week, as the children helped decorate the tree and then got stuck into lots of different Christmas crafts. Some children used white paint on black card to create Wintery masterpieces, some children choosing to create snowmen or other snowy scenes! Other children worked together to decorate a cardboard Christmas tree, each taking part to paint and adorn with sequins and glitter. Outside Pre-School have also been playing together with games of Hide and seek, taking turns to find amazing places to hide in the garden and wait for their peers to find them!