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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 2nd September 2019)

This week at Coombe Dingle, some of our babies traveled all the way to the North Pole! The children explored a frozen tray, full of icebergs and toy animals. The children discovered how the ice melts when they touch it, and used different tools to move the shapes around! Out in the rooftop garden the children enjoyed the sunshine whilst exploring shapes. The babies used chalk to make marks on the bottom of the tray, and looked at all the different shapes and the names of them. In the art studio this week some children explored a rainbow of colours in a tray. They used their hands to look through the different brightly coloured resources, some children even being able to recognise the colours – wow!

Kindergarten this week had a huge host of new resources to play with! Some children discovered the new role play items, serving up lovely cakes and tea and sharing with their peers. Other children explored the toy clocks, and sat with the adults to discuss the different times of day and what they mean – 12pm is lunchtime, 1pm is naptime, 6pm is hometime! In the messy corner, Kindergarten also explored a farm themed sensory tray, getting their hands in and discovering all the different farm animals and textures of shaving foam, shredded wheat and pasta!

Pre-School this week have been on lots of trips and outings! Some children visited the park, and some went on a walk to Blaise Estate where they searched for lots of different natural things – they found twigs, stones, and even Judi’s Forest School den! Back at Red Bus some children have been exploring food colouring, using pipettes to pick up different colours and place them into a tray of milk – the children watched how the colour spreads, and mixes with others – amazing! In the garden the children have been keeping an eye on our vegetable patch, digging up potatoes and checking the tomato plants. They consulted lots of different gardening books, and talked about how we know fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready to eat!