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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 25th January 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle babies have been taking part in lots of activities that stretch and develop their fine and gross motor skills! Some children took part in a Hey Duggee throwing game, discovering if they could get the bean bags through the different shaped holes. This really tested the children’s balance and coordination, but they had great fun when they hit the targets! Nursery have been exploring the construction blocks this week – some chose to build tall towers upwards, whilst some looked at how the different shapes fit together on the floor. Babies have also been looking at ladybirds and other insects this week! The children read through some bug themed books, and explored a cardboard ladybird. They used teaspoons to carefully move red and black dyed rice, pouring it into the correct places to colour in the ladybird!

Pre-School have also explored what can be created by re-using cardboard this week! A group worked together to build an amazing space rocket from cardboard boxes, each taking turns to paint and decorate it how they wished. The space theme didn’t end there, as Pre-School have participated in lots of amazing astronomical activities. Some children created a starry night scene, first by painting a black background then using their hands, brushes and cotton buds to create glittering galaxies and stars! Some children also made their own space ships from paper plates and cups, choosing from lots of different colours to decorate them. The children then talked about the different planets they could travel to!