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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 23rd November 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle, our babies have had such a colourful week! Some children explored a rainbow sensory tray, filled with vibrant rice and pasta and other objects. The children enjoyed looking through the different toys and explored all the different textures they could find! Some children were really involved in a tray full of glowing, brightly coloured ribbons…the babies moved through the tray, feeling the different sensations of the ribbons and discovering the twinkling fairy lights! Nursery have also been getting stuck into water play this week, using tools like cups, bowls and sponges to move the bubbly water around – and make lots of big splashes!

Kindergarten this week have also been exploring different sensory experiences, celebrating the coming Wintery weather with a snowy tray full of glitter and flour. The children used their hands to make lots of different marks and shapes in the mixture! Some children have also been wrapping up warm to explore the rooftop garden this week, exploring the physical resources available by crawling through tunnels, climbing ropes and balancing across the beams – fantastic work! Back inside the children read the book ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’, and took turns choosing the different characters from the book to stick to the page!

Pre-School this week have also been spending time in the garden. The children have been taking part in lots of stretching, jumping and running games, working together and independently to move their bodies in lots of different ways! Back inside the children explored a shape puzzle, looking at different pieces of paper and working out how to make whole shapes by matching them together. The children did an amazing job of finding all the different shapes! In the art studio things are starting to get festive, as children decorated some calendars for next year. Whilst drawing the children talked about the different months of the year, and what special events we have in certain months!