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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 22nd February 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle our babies have spent lots of time outside playing! Some children wrapped up in their waterproofs and wellies to take part in some water play. The babies had great fun jumping and splashing to make the water move around in the tray. Some children explored the construction toys this week, discovering how the pieces fit together to build tall towers and other shapes! In the art studio this week some children used the building blocks in a different way, using them to make marks on paper with paint.

Kindergarten this week have been getting stuck into a sensory spaghetti tray! The children used their hands to move the coloured pasta into different bowls, and talked about how it felt. In the garden the children used the sunny spring weather to explore shadows! They looked at the different shapes that objects make on the ground, and used chalk to trace them. Kindergarten have also been mini-bakers this week, learning how to make bread rolls! The children helped weigh out the ingredients, and knead and shape the dough. Yum!

Pre-School this week have been talking all about family! Some children drew their own family trees, talking about the different people they love. Others drew their houses, and all the people (and pets!) that live in them. Elsewhere in Pre-School the children have been making a shared storyboard, each picking a character to draw. The children worked together to form a story and talked about how their characters interact together!