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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 1st February 2021)

This week Nursery have been busy exploring lots of different sensory trays! Some children discovered a forest friends display, with lots of natural resources on it. The children looked through the woodland themed books, used their hands to feel the different textures of the pine cones and twigs, whilst some made beautiful artworks with the leaf shaped crayons! Elsewhere this week the children became mini-foremen, looking after their own building site! The children used their hands to move the diggers and tractors through the different materials, shaping the cereal and sand and making marks with it too! In the kitchen this week children have been decorating biscuits, choosing from lots of different colours of icing and toppings. The babies showed great focus as they carefully spooned and sprinkled their beautiful creations!

Kindergarten this week have also been very creative, making their own multi-textured collages! The children chose what they wanted to stick to their card – ribbons, feathers or sequins – and carefully glued them down using the sticks, using brilliant motor skills! Kindergarten have been getting stuck into lots of sensory activities this week. Some children delved into some squidgy, sticky jelly, moving it around the tray and feeling it squish through their fingers! The children have also been exploring salt dough, learning how to make the mix and adding food colouring to make it brightly coloured. They then used moulds and cutters to make fantastic shapes and objects.

Pre-School have been sailing the seven seas this week, with lots of pirate themed play! Some children made their own paper plate ships and feathered parrots, whilst some decorated their own captains hats! The children also took part in lots of treasure hunts in the garden, following maps to find lots of surprises. Elsewhere in the garden Pre-School took part in a hunt of a different kind, using magnifying glasses to search for different animal prints that were hiding! The children found each one and discussed what animal they thought they belonged to. Back inside there were more animal themed arts and crafts, as the children worked together to make their own cardboard aquarium! Each child chose a different fish to decorate, and helped Megan paint the seaweed and tank for them to hang inside!