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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 18th January 2021)

This week in Coombe Dingle Kindergarten have spent lots of time in the art studio, discovering different ways to make marks. Some children looked at pictures of our solar system and planets, choosing then to create their own planet pictures! Some children used apple slices as stamps to leave circular marks, whilst others used their hands to make great galactic shapes! Other children used string to paint with this week, focusing really well to grip the pieces and move them from the paint to the paper. It’s ever so fiddly but great for fine motor skills! Kindergarten have also been star bakers this week, making yummy fairy cakes. The children helped stir the mixture together, spoon it in to individual cases and chose from different icing and sprinkles to decorate – yum!

It’s been a wet and rainy week outside, so Pre-School have been learning about weather! Some children explored a foamy raincloud experiment, and talked about where rain comes from and where it goes. The children then used pipettes to drop the ‘rain’ through the clouds and watched as it fell through – wow! Pre-School also had some special furry guests this week, as our guinea pigs Buzz and Woody came for a visit. The children used their kind hands to carefully hold and stroke the pigs, and talked about how they feel like! In the art studio some children have been talking about their emotions, making feeling masks from paper plates. The children drew different facial expressions and talked about how they were feeling that day.