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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 16th November 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle, babies have been celebrating Diwali by making some sparkly artwork! The children explored glitter, spreading it onto paper plates with glue. Elsewhere in the art studio they explored other ways to make marks, working together to use toy cars and other vehicles to spread paint across the paper. The children also discovered how fun it is to use your hands to move the paint around! Nursery explored a sensory activity this week, with homemade playdough and scented potpourri items. The children discovered the different aromas, and worked out how to push them into the dough leaving marks!

Kindergarten have been musical this week, exploring percussive instruments! The children played with the maracas, bongos and shakers to discover the different types of music they make and then danced along to the beat. In the art studio this week Kindergarten have been super creative, picking from lots of different resources to make collages. The children chose from paint, feathers, sequins and stickers to make their own masterpieces! Out in the garden Kindergarten read the book “Dinosaurumpus” then explored an oozy gloopy tray full of dinos – the children felt all the different textures in the tray, and enjoyed making the dinosaurs STOMP on the ground!

Pre-School have also been exploring their musical talents this week, looking at different instruments. They learned how to strum guitars, and move shakers in time with music together as group – wow! Out in the garden Pre-School have been keeping warm with an obstacle course, taking turns to jump and hop through hoops and use them as targets to throw objects through! In the art studio this week things are turning festive, as Pre-School started to talk about Christmas and make beautiful glittery artwork. Whilst painting the children talked about what happens at Christmas and what presents they hope to get!