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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 16th March 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been spending lots of time outside in the fresh air! The children have been wrapping up warm in their coats and playing in the ballpit, and the ride-along toys. They have also given Buzz and Woody some outside time too, the babies were fascinated watching them run around their pen! Back indoors the children celebrated St Patrick’s Day by decorating their very own lucky shamrock, choosing from a range of green themed materials and carefully gluing them onto the paper. Some babies have also been exploring how to keep germs at bay – washing their hands with their key person, and using tissues to ‘wipe away’ the germs on the whiteboards!

Kindergarten this week explored a delicious smelling sensory tray full of cocoa powder! The children stirred it together with spoons and and scoops, watching how the mixture moves and blends together. Outside Kindergarten have been really active this week, developing their hand eye coordination and ways of balancing. Some children explored the hula hoops, whilst some looked at the stilts – carefully working out how to stand on them! Back inside the children also participated in a matching game, looking carefully at different cards spread out and trying to match up the objects to the number.

This week Pre-School have been creating their own telephones! The children used plastic cups fixed together with string, and discovered how they can hear each other through them – they then talked about how the sounds travel through the string into their ears. In the art studio this week Pre-School have been taking part in lots of handwashing activities, using soap to learn how to thoroughly wash the glove ‘hands’! Whilst they did this they talked about how important it is to keep washing our hands, particularly at meal times and after we sneeze or cough. Pre-School have also been participating in some races – taking turns to see who can get changed into their dress up outfits the fastest. The children focused really well during this activity, and all felt proud after their achievements!