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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 15th February 2021)

This week Coombe Dingle have been celebrating Shrove Tuesday in lots of different ways! In Nursery the babies explored a multi-sensory tray. Some children used spoons and rolling pins to shape the pancake ‘dough’, or used their hands to make marks in the flour and squeeze and crunch the different cereals! Nursery have been feeling very musical this week as they explored the different instruments. The children discovered the different ways that they can make noise, hitting the xylophone keys and rattling the shakers loudly and quietly! Outside in the rooftop garden the children have been enjoying the (slightly!) warmer weather, navigating the soft play obstacle course that was set up. The children performed amazing feats of balancing and climbing, working out how to move over the different levels.

Kindergarten this week have also been making full use of their garden, exploring the different scooters and bikes. The children displayed excellent turn taking as they all had a go on the toys, working out how to steer and brake and keep a safe distance from others whilst driving! Back inside the children got to decorate their own pancakes on Tuesday, choosing from melted chocolate, icing, and lots of different fruit. Kindergarten focussed really well on this and some even managed to take them home without eating them straight up! Kindergarten also explored a new sensory activity this week, as they were presented with chia seeds soaked in water. This makes the seeds swell up and get really gloopy, which the children found fascinating as they squeezed it with their hands!

Pre-School have been looking at transitional fairy tales this week, and taking part in lots of activities around them. Some children made their own porridge from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and talked about if it was too hot, too cold or just right! After reading Jack and the Beanstalk some children went on a hunt for the giant’s footsteps and WOW – look how big the footprints are! Pre-School have also been looking at animals this week, and talking about where different animals live. The children got stuck into a messy tray full of different environments, where they explored icy Arctic snow, fluffy sea foam and sticky, squelchy mud! The children have also been talking about Captain Tom Moore this week, after reading a book about his achievements. The children then took on the challenge of taking 100 steps around the garden, counting as they went!