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This Week at Red Bus – Expressive Arts and Design

This week Red Bus Coombe Dingle and Downend have been taking part in lots of activities relating to expressive arts and design! 

Being Imaginative and Expressive

This week Nursery got stuck into a tray full of different cereals! At this age, children will begin to engage with the world that’s around them. The adults at Red Bus try to create rich environments that enable babies to use all of their senses, and provide a range of experiences that will encourage their imaginative potential. Whilst using spoons and bowls to move the cereal around, the children are starting to express themselves through physical action and sounds! Some babies have also been exploring the musical instruments, as they begin to learn that they can express themselves through sounds and movements. The adults will make sure to create time and space for children to develop their own creations – whether it’s a painting, or a beautiful percussive noise!

Kindergarten have been exploring the role play corner, looking after the toy babies! At this age children begin to ‘make believe’, creating imaginary words and role playing whilst using sounds, movements and words. The children chose what they wanted to explore in the corner, and being provided ‘real life’ every day materials help them understand and represent their world. The adults will observe and often take part in their make-believe play in order to gain a better understanding of the children’s interests.

Pre-School got stuck into a slimy, sticky activity this week! They explored a tray full of green jelly, and as a group worked together to create a story surrounding Lola the Mermaid. The adults sat with them and co-created with the children, asking prompting questions and allowing each child the opportunity to express their idea. Pre-School also enjoyed a physically expressive activity, as they chose from a list of animals and the actions they might do. The children were given the chance to combine and create new movements from their own imagination, gaining confidence as they did so. As the children wriggled like worms, dived like dolphins and hopped like rabbits the adults made sure to introduce these words to them to support their language development too! 

Creating with Materials

In the Nursery rooftop garden, the babies tried making marks with chalk! The children are invited to experiment with a wide range of media whilst creating, and to explore different movements whilst doing so too. Some babies also got stuck into the some playdough this week, choosing from different tools such as stencils and rolling pins to make marks in the dough. The adults will observe and encourage the different ways children might approach an activity like this – combining, arranging, and sequencing different shapes!

Kindergarten have been making amazing superhero masks this week! The children have been developing their independence by deciding what shapes they wanted to use on their masks, and using their fine motor skills to carefully stick down the pieces on the paper. Some children have also been painting on tin foil, using paint brushes! Around this age children will begin to understand that their actions can have a transformative effect – the colours they use may mix together and blend, or if they crinkle the tin foil it will stay in that shape! By setting up a painting opportunity with brushes, the adults are creating an opportunity to revisit tools and materials they may already know – but by adding different elements such as tin foil, it encourages children to further explore the properties of the paint and brushes too!

Pre-School have been very busy this week in the art studio, taking part in lots of different activities! At this age children love to experiment, trying out different ways of using space, creating shapes and marks that may represent something to them. Some children made colourful collages, choosing from lots of different resources like feathers, sequins or paint. The children are encouraged to explore the different textures, and notice how they may change as they are transformed – paint becoming dry or glue becoming stickier! The adults will encourage children to express themselves how they want to, supporting where appropriate.