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w/c 9th October 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery started with a trip to the park on a lovely sunny day! We loved going on the large swing together. We liked the motion of going back and forth and having the wind in our faces - whoosh! We then explored the slide and took turns independently climbing the steps and then going down the slide really fast.

In the tuff tray, we helped look after our dinosaurs. We made them comfortable with leaves, twigs, and foliage which we had collected from the garden and park. They stomped around making the leaves crunch and scrunch under their feet. Some of them got a bit hungry so we fed them some of the sticks and twigs!

Down at the interactive screen, we were able to look more into our interest in animals, learning their names and the noises they make. We are able to choose between a variety of educational
games and when asked by an adult are more confident to identify the images correctly. Alongside learning the animal's names we are encouraged to copy and practice the Makaton signs! 

We have also been out in the garden on the bikes, making spooky creations with our black playdough, working on our fine motor skills in sand land, and exploring with a projector light.

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This week in Kindergarten we started off with an under the sea theme out on our decking! We explored some trays full of blue water and lots of sea creatures such as sharks, whales and even some starfish and coral! We scooped the water and swished it about with our hands, we used cones with holes in to see where the water came out and splashed back into the tray!

We have also been exploring a big mouth tray this week to learn all about how to brush our teeth and why it's important! We spoke about brushing our teeth at home and how our grown-ups help us to keep our mouths healthy and our teeth strong. We then took the giant toothbrush, loaded it up with some toothpaste, and got to scrubbing. We brushed back and forth and up and down until the teeth were sparkling clean and all the food was gone from the gums!

Out in our courtyard, we had a lovely book nook set up to explore reading in a different space, we have also been enjoying exploring stories by dressing up this week! Back inside we had a tuff tray of play dough to help develop our fine motor skills and to explore different textures. We squished and rolled the play dough and tried cutting it out with lots of different cookie cutters, seeing what shapes we could make!

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This week in Pre-School we have loved exploring our new sensory sound wall out on the decking! We have used wooden and metal beaters to make sounds and music, finding out what all the different objects sound like. It has been great fun.

We have been talking about our emotions as it was World Mental Health Day. We used our Colour Monster toys to help us as we spoke about which colour we were feeling today, whether we were happy, sad, angry, or calm. We also spoke about what makes us happy and sad.

Also this week we have been doing some number recognition and counting. We used some pumpkin shape templates and some pegs; counting how many pegs we needed to make up the number written on the pumpkin! 

We have had the opportunity to go out on some fun adventures this week. We went for a walk to the park, looking for Elmer the elephant on the way! We have also been to the library in Nailsea. We went on the bus which was so much fun as we got to sit on the top deck and look out the windows. We got to choose some books to take back to Pre-School and used the special machine to
check them out!

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