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w/c 8th January 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red  Bus, we been very busy! We started off by making some play dough - we were encouraged by the adults to stand by the tuff tray and to take it in turns to mix up the ingredients to make the dough. We learnt new words like spoon and mix, and we decided green dough would be good - some of us said 'wow' as we saw the adults pour in the green food colouring into the mix! Once the dough was ready we got stuck in using our fine motor skills to use the rollers and cutters. We made shapes like flowers, hearts, and stars. We were able to repeat those words to the adults, we also stretched the dough in between our hands watching it grow and with some adult support tried rolling it into a ball!

We went out into the big lower garden to practice our gross motor skills with balls and bats! We were encouraged by the adults to try to hit the ball with the bats. We got stuck right in giving it our best, using our hand-eye coordination to get the bat in the right place to hit the ball along the floor. To warm up we went into the Cosy Cabin to explore the small world people and cars on the grass. We made 'beep beep' sounds as we pushed along the cars.

To end the week we sat at the table with Jayla to decorate biscuits! We used red, blue, and orange icing to pour over the rich tea biscuit. We held the spoon firmly in our hand and independently scooped up each colour we wanted to use and watched as it poured from the spoon over the biscuit. We learnt new words like red and blue whilst we took part in this activity, and couldn't wait to eat the yummy biscuit when we got home!

In the art area we got stuck in using sponges and rollers to do some painting in the tuff tray. We used lots of different colours and we were really excited to see what we had made at the end! We had a mirror on the table so we could see the reflection of what we had painted in these.

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This week the chill of winter has set in and Kindergarten have had great fun exploring the seasonal weather! Kindergarten have also got creative and even had some sensory fun this week.

At the beginning of the week kindergarten had explored the small world out on the decking . Kindergarten had wrapped up warm and discovered some ice in the tuff tray - how brrriliant! As soon as kindergarten saw the tuff tray, they also discovered arctic animals. Kindergarten had also grabbed at some knowledge from Holli and Tasha, explaining the different types of weather and even the type of animals that love this cold weather.

In the middle of the week, Kindergarten had enjoyed and discovered some orange lentils in the tuff tray. Kindergarten had great fun at scooping and pouring the lentils by using their fine motor skills and even did some mark-making as well.

Later in the week kindergarten had become their very own chefs! They had followed a routine of washing their hands and explored how to bake fairy cakes fit for a tea party. Kindergarten began to pour in the ingredients and mix and watch the process of making the fairy cakes - how fun!

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This week in -Pre School we have been doing some fun activities linked to our core book 'Superworm'! We have made superworms using a variety of resources. We made him out of play dough, rolling it into long sausages; We have used socks, stuffing them with shredded paper and have used pipe cleaners to wrap around our super worm templates.

We have also been exploring the different bugs in the story and using our paint stampers to make a garden for a super worm. It has been a fun-filled busy week!

Some of us have been working on our fine motor skills this week by using our new peg boards. We had to pick up the tiny pegs with our fingers and push them into the holes in the board, thinking about what patterns we could make.

The bee-bots have been a big hit this week. We have learnt how to program instructions into them by pressing the direction buttons and how to start the sequence by pressing the green button. We have been testing our new skills by making courses for them to maneuvre through. What a challenge!

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