Babies 7.8 (10)

w/c 7th August 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Flax Bourton, we have been interested in different types of transport this week! The adults supported this interest by setting up a garage, cars and a train track for us. We enjoyed the process of moving the cars up and down the ramps on the garage, over the bridge on the train track and round the road looking for somewhere to park!

To support our fine motor skills we explored lots of different finger manipulation activities! We explored playdough, which really challenged us on this developmental stepping stone. We used different tools, accessories and our imagination to work the playdough to create lots of different patterns, lines and creations. We also used our hands and fingertips to shape, mould and move the playdough about, strengthening our finger and hand muscles which will support our early writing and mark making skills!

We have also explored some role play activities! Our adults supported us to use our imagination and engage with our peers. We went to work and did some typing, got our hair done at the salon and to finish off a busy day went to play in the tunnel!

The summery weather came back for a few days this week so we took a trip to the beach! We enjoyed exploring all the different animals and playing in the edible sand. It was soft to feel between our fingers as we sprinkled it into the tray, and it felt tickly between our toes while we built sandcastles!

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This week in Kindergarten some of us went to visit the interactive whiteboard to play games! We all had a go and waited patiently for our turn whilst watching our friends. We did some matching puzzles, read interactive stories and used our fingers to mark make using the paint programme!

We have also been exploring different textures and mediums this week with a sensory farm tray with lots of different cereals, some blue play dough and our sand tray. We used tools, cutters and our fingers to mould and shape the playdough, being very imaginative with our ideas. We made cupcakes, biscuits, worms, balls and someone even made some 'stick on' fingernails!

We have made the most of the sunny weather by getting stuck in with water play this week. The water tray was full of sea creatures, frogs, ducks and babies to wash. The water wall has had lots of use, we are learning about cause and effect by pulling the levers to make the water stop and start! We've also learned that the tray underneath needs to be full before the levers work, so we have been filling it up with buckets from the tap!

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This week in Pre-School we got crafty creating our very own hot air balloons, to celebrate the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend! We fully decorated our balloons and baskets and attached them together. We talked about how balloons manage to fly - we discussed how hot air rises, and so by heating the air inside the balloons they float up into the sky, and once it cools they slowly come back down to the ground!

Elsewhere this week we explored a new donation of a science book all about the lives of Dinosaurs! We sat as a group and read through the book, learning about the habitats and different types of dinosaurs. We had some sticks and mud collected from a trip out to the park, so we used them to build a habitat a dinosaur would like to live in! We talked about keeping warm, having enough food and water, and keeping safe from bigger dinosaurs. We also talked about how dinosaurs are now extinct but we find their fossils in the ground!

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