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w/c 6th November 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


In the Nursery room this week we have taken part in some Remembrance Day activities! One of the adults was wearing a poppy badge, we were able to look at it and explore its colours - red petals with a black centre. It was made of metal so was quite heavy to hold so we carefully put it on our top which made us feel very proud.

Down in the dining room we used the the interactive screen to watch a short CBeebies film about Remembrance Day. We sat together and listened well to the story and learnt all about the soldiers, the poppies they wear and how to salute them.

Some of the older children wrapped up warm and went down to the sandpit. It is so big we can walk around and make lots of footprints! We found the buckets and spades and began digging lots of holes, it was quite tricky but we kept going until our buckets were full up to the top. We then had to be quick to turn them over to make sandcastle! Some of us found the rakes, which we carefully pulled the sand across the tray into nice straight lines.

We have also explored our feelings and emotions through some of our books and are learning how to be kind to our peers. We enhance this learning by using emotion Makaton signs alongside our play. We have been using our imagination in the home corner to look after the babies, we like to feed them, dress them and put them to bed.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been very busy! We started off the week by exploring habitats, we had an an exciting tuff tray full of different animals who had lost their way home. We decided to work together to help them find their way back home. We led the penguins and polar bears back to the fluffy snow, the frogs hopped back into the water and we stomped the dinosaurs back to the green grass!

Back inside we have been exploring some of the pumpkins we had kept from our Halloween celebrations! We had lots of pumpkins of all different shapes, sizes and colours including green, white and of course orange too! We watched as our grown ups cut them open and we guessed what colour they would be on the inside. When they were open we had the opportunity to explore the texture of the insides using our hands and spoons to scoop out the seeds!

We have also been working on our fine motor skills this week with a threading tuff tray. We concentrated hard and used our hand-eye coordination to thread string and pipe cleaners through buttons, reels and a colander! We used tweezers to pick up pom poms and cotton wool and fill pots with them.

Out on our decking we have been enjoying the rain by making some more potions! We have been mixing different colours of water and even some glitter! We used pipettes to transport the water and beakers to measure and see how full they were to make our magical potions.

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This week in Pre-School we have been involved in lots of creative activities in our art studio. We started the week by talking about the fireworks we have seen and making some beautiful firework creations using shiny paper and glue.

Next we have been talking about World Kindness Day which is next week. We used lots of different colours and patterns to paint some rocks which we are going to hide in the local area to give back to the local community as an act of kindness!

Also this week we have been learning about Remembrance Day which is this weekend. We have learnt that it is a day we remember the soldiers who fought in the war. We have designed our own poppy pictures and explored rice play, making poppies with the coloured rice.

We have also been lucky enough to have some special visitors this week. We welcomed some people from Holy Hedge Animal Sanctuary who talked to us about the animals they have and how we can adapt them. They bought along a furry friend for us to stroke too!

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