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w/c 4th September 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Flax Bourton, the babies have enjoyed a trip down to the interactive screen becoming digital artists. We enjoyed being able to touch the screen and push all of the buttons. We especially enjoyed using a painting app where we could choose the colours and create different patterns using our fingers to make marks. The adults supported us by demonstrating how to move our fingers across the screen to leave marks, and after some practice we were confident to have a try ourselves. The final images were so pretty and colourful.

In the construction area we got to work building, fixing and mending things! We built very tall towers that eventually got a little bit wobbly so the tools came in handy to fix them and make them straight and strong again. Some of the work was tricky so we needed some help from our friends to complete the job, teamwork makes the dream work!

In the roleplay area we have been looking after our own babies, giving them bottles, playing with them and wrapping them up nice and warm ready for them to go to sleep. We were very careful to be gentle with them. We also dressed up like the adults this week, by putting on our hairnets and doing some cooking – we serve the best play food pie and fresh air drink!

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This week in Kindergarten we have started to explore our new termly book ‘I’m a Feel-O-Saur’, we started our the week by listening to the story and meeting some of the different characters whilst talking about emotions and ways we can feel. We then moved onto our big project a papier-mâché dinosaur! We worked together to rip all of the newspaper into smaller pieces and filled the tuff tray with newspaper. We then mixed up our glue and water to create a paste and painted it on to the cardboard, we added our paper and then sealed it with more glue on top! We put it out in the sunshine to dry and we can’t wait to paint it once it’s ready!

We have also been learning all about habitats this week, sorting our animals back into their homes on our tuff tray. We explored snowy lands, wet ponds and grassy jungles! We helped the animals to find their homes whilst learning about where they live and what they like too.

We have been keeping cool this week with water and ice play. Using brand new dinosaur ice moulds we made some dinosaur shaped ice cubes and explored them in our tray. We took the cubes into our hands feeling the different dinosaur shapes, they were very cold to hold! We then watched as the ice cubes began to drip, melting away and disappearing before our very eyes!

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This week in Pre-School we have been reading our new core book for the term ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and have engaged in activities based on the story! We made some beautiful artwork using collage materials and paint. The water colour paints were especially fun.

Some children had the opportunity to go on an adventure outside of Red Bus this week! Some visited the park, and some went to Gatcombe Farm. On the way there we saw a tractor and upon arriving at park, we were excited to see another one! We were intrigued about the mower that was on the back and asked a lot of questions. At the farm we saw a horse, and we all were able to get up close and have a gentle stroke. We also saw sheep and chickens and enjoyed watching them.

Back at Pre-School we have been putting our measuring skills to good use. The children have been interested in how big and small things are in the room, so have been using rulers and measuring tapes to find out. We even measured how tall we are! There was some great taking in turns and brilliant teamwork involved here, which made this all very successful – well done Pre-School.

We have also been Pirates this week! The children decided they wanted to become Pirates, so we made some pirate hats and telescopes in the art studio. We then were able to go on a special pirate treasure hunt in the garden with all of our friends – Aye matey what good fun!

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