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w/c 4th March 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


We started our week in Nursery being creative in the art area! We became star bakers for the day, making cupcakes in a tuff tray using flour and water. We got stuck in, using spoons to first mix the flour around and then adding water using pipettes. The pipettes are great for developing our fine motor skills! We were fascinated with how the mixture changed texture and became stickier - we couldn't resist getting our hands stuck into it! We then transferred our mix into cake cases, copying words like 'flour' and 'cake'!

We practiced our mixing skills elsewhere too - outside in the mud kitchen! The mud was a little wet, so it mad a great SQUISH sound as we mixed it around and around. 

We have also been exploring some early counting skills! Jodie had laid out some numbers on the flour so we could see them all - she encouraged us to slowly point to each number. We did a great job and were able to count all the way from 0 to 10 - we gave ourselves a big clap to show how happy we were with our achievement!

We had a new friend join us this week - a great big cuddly bear! We couldn't wait to say hello, sitting down to give him a big cuddle. 

We also had a great time celebrating World Book Day! We loved wearing our costumes as we played, as well as look at what our adults were dressed in. We said 'wow' and wanted to try on the hat and glasses that Jenny was wearing!

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Spring has truly begun in Kindergarten this week! We enjoyed a trip to Gatcombe Farm, where we got to see all the animals out in the sunshine. We spotted chickens, ducks, and sheep - wow! We also visited the Farm Shop, recognising the different fruit and vegetables. This encouraged us to share our favourite foods - and some we don't like as much! 

The hens at the farm reminded us of our core book this term, The Little Red Hen! Back at Red Bus, we got creative with a collage activity, gluing and sticking to create our own farm animal artworks. 

We celebrated World Book Day with lots of literary activities! We watched as the practitioners put on a production of 'The Tiger Who Came for Tea', and Holli's gran came even came in to read us a story too!

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This week in Pre-School we have been exploring so many different activities!

We explored measuring, using scales and the loose parts - this encouraged us to think about concepts such as bigger and smaller, lighter and heavier, volume and scale! We also experimented with a 'float or sink' activity, creating a theory of what our object would do when placed into water. We also looked at colour, watching food dye in water travel along a paper towel - wow!

We also took a lovely sunny trip this week. We walked across the field, down the cycle path and into the park. We loved running freely on the field, exploring the slides and swings of the park, and playing in the sunshine. We saw lots of trains go past on the nearby track - they were so fast!

We have also spent lots of time in our garden this week, enjoying the good weather. We made dens out of fabric and created large structures with the big blocks. This encouraged us to work together and cooperate as a team towards a common goal - we were very proud of ourselves!

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