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w/c 3rd June 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red Bus Nursery we started the week by exploring a tuff tray with rice
and bath foam, made into a rainbow to celebrate Pride Month! we got stuck in using
our fine motor skills to hold the spoon and fill up the pots available watching each colour mix together and we used the spoons to stir it around.
For big parts of the day we spend time outside in the big garden downstairs where we use our physical development to run around playing football and rolling the hola hoops to
the adults, and exploring the mud kitchen using a bucket to collect mud and using a big spoon to mix!

On the rooftop garden we have a good mixture to dig in,  from sand and mud with animals hidden around the tuff tray and lots water play which is always good fun!

In the nursery room we like to spend time with our friends and adults reading books in the book nook especially about farm animals we lifted each flap. 

To finish the week we had shredded paper to sit which we thought was great fun feeling each piece with our hands and feet as the adults sprinkled it down onto our

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This week in Kindergarten, we had an exciting new toy arrive! We have explored our
new toy both inside and outside. It is a puppet theatre! The children have used our
animal puppets to put on shows for their friends and the adults. They even sang 5
cheeky monkeys together, making the puppets dance on the stage!
On Wednesday, it was World Environmental Day. To celebrate this, we learnt all about
why we recycle, what we can and what we can't recycle. We had lots of different
activities throughout the day to support their learning. During group time, we had hula
hoops on the floor. In one hoop we put what we could recycle and in the other we put
what we couldn't recycle. The children were able to put items we can recycle into the
correct hoop. They learnt that we can recycle paper, card, tin and plastic!
On the decking, we had a farm set up in our tuff tray! There was brown gloop in the
tray which we were pretending was mud. We got the animals to stomp in the mud and
they got very dirty! There were also some ducks on the farm and the children chose to
make the ducks swim in the mud! All the animals looked like they were having lots of
fun playing on the farm with the children.
In the art area this week, the children explored different textures to use the paint to
mark make. We had paper with bubble wrap behind, paper with pom pom behind and
paper with string on top! We discussed what it felt like when the children used the
paintbrush over the pom pom and we decided it felt bumpy! We also looked at the
different colours and asked the children if they could paint over a certain colour to
help with their colour recognition. The children were unsure what the bubble wrap was
but said it felt funny. They ripped the paper to reveal that it was bubble wrap! The
children then painted the bubble wrap and popped the bubbles. The children used the
string to spread the paint on the paper, which made them giggle as the paint moved.

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This week in Pre-School has been action packed with fun and learning! We have had
lots of fun in the tuff tray this week from Mr. Potato Head decorating to working in
construction! We have been interested in gardening again this week so a few of our
friends have helped water our vegetable plants which are growing extremely well and
Out in the garden this week we have been expressing and learning emotions by using
our emotion monster teddies. We have also been making use of our basketball hoops
and practicing aim when throwing the basketballs into the net! The loose parts have
been a favourite this week too. We have been busy in the garden building big towers,
castles and many more buildings and places, and working well as a team to create
these masterpieces!
Inside our room we have been practicing writing our names by taking
inspiration from our name tags. We have also been practicing our shape making and
how to put on our own shoes. Well done Pre-School for another brilliant week in the
sunshine, have a great weekend!

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