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w/c 30th October 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery, we have had a blast dressing up to celebrate Halloween, we enjoyed becoming playful pumpkins, enchanting witches, and more! 

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This week in Kindergarten, the Halloween spirit has truly taken hold of us! We had the magical experience of making our own very fluffy ghosts and spiders at our Art Studio this week too.  We used cotton wool and lots of glue for our ghosts sticking carefully to our ghost-shaped card. We chose where to put the ghostly eyes and then we hung them in the windows. For our spiders, we used pipe cleaners for legs and counted them to see how many we had made. Some of our spiders only had four legs, others had 8 and some even had more than that.

The adventure continued with some hands-on pumpkin exploration, as we eagerly delved into the insides of these orange giants, using our hands, spoons, and scoops.

We had a fascinating experiment, where we brewed some spooky potions, combining lots of different colours, and shaving foam, then used a ladle of flour, some bright pom poms, and feathers from a mystical bird, and we even added sprinkles!

There was a very scary sensory tray covered with a spooky spider's web, which was filled with creepy crawlies like plastic spiders and bugs!

We had so much fun dressing up on Halloween and had the choice of having some cool face painting done. We had a ghostly tea party with Halloween music which had all the children full of glee.

What a super week of the mystical fun of Halloween!

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This week in Pre-School we got into the Halloween spirit by getting dressed up and transforming into witches, zombies, skeletons, and superheroes! Throughout the week, we got very creative, crafting our own spiders using paper plates, black paint, and pipe cleaners.

We brewed some mysterious potions in cauldrons, using spellbinding mixtures of water, paint, shaving foam, and anything else we could find to give our potions an extra dash of spookiness.

Next, we embraced our inner mummies, wrapping ourselves in toilet roll from head to toe. It required a lot of patience as we covered each other around our arms, legs, and even faces!

We listened to the Worry Monster story, expressing our own worries, and learning that if we have any worries or concerns we can tell our mummies and daddies and of course the adults in Preschool. After, our creative juices flowed as we designed our very own monsters from playdough, decorating them with googly eyes, lolly pop sticks, and pom poms.

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