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w/c 2nd October 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery we have taken a real interest in the home corner area and all the different ways in which we can play and explore in it. We take good care of the babies and use our imagination to act out scenarios like putting them to bed or taking them for a walk in the pushchair. With our technology equipment we like to pretend we are at work like our mummies and daddies, and some days the phone just doesn't stop! We were lucky enough to be able to explore a real working watch, we liked to tap the screen and see that our action caused a reaction. Beep boop, beep boop.

To continue our interest in the world around us and play with real world items, we were invited to explore an oral-health themed tray. We used toothbrushes to 'clean' the model teeth and those of the animals that visited our dentist. Kelly supported us to hold the brushes and scrub, scrub, scrub all the 'toothpaste' in and around the teeth. We then used the mirrors to explore our own teeth, tongue, and mouth and had to open wide to get a good look inside!

Halloween crafts have begun and in the art studio we got creative with the playdough and pipe cleaners. This activity supported us to work on our fine motor skills by moving the dough between our fingers, rolling and shaping it with different tools and then poking pipe cleaners into it to make some spooktakular creations.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been very busy! Our focus has been on developing our health and self care so some of our activities have been to do with this! We have been practicing how to wash our hands, listening and watching as our grown ups explained the steps and then having a go ourselves. We wet our hands and then dipped them into the soap, we gave them a big rub to make lots of bubbles and then washed them off again before drying them! We also took part in a teeth brushing activity, making sure to brush very well, between all the gaps with the foamy toothpaste until they were sparkling clean!

When we came in one day we found that our dinosaurs had been frozen in some ice! We decided to help to free them by gathering some tools to chip away at the ice. We got hammers and chipped away at the ice but it was a bit tricky so one of our grown ups suggested a jug of warm water. We watched in amazement as the jug of warm water melted the ice and freed the dinosaurs!

We ended the week by making some play dough hedgehogs! We took some brown play dough and used our hands to roll it into a ball. After this we used our fine motor skills to pick up some penne pasta and then stuck the pieces into the balls to make a spiky hedgehog!

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This week in Pre-School we got creative and created a beautiful autumn tree picture together! We first went outside to collect the leaves we needed from the garden. Then we used cotton buds to paint some details on our tree, thinking carefully about other trees we have seen. We took turns using the glue spreaders to add glue to our masterpiece so we could stick the leaves down. What fantastic teamwork!

Also this week we have been doing a lot of construction using a range of resources. We used our imaginations and construction skills to build a range of things including a robot, a race car and a boat. This helped us to work on our social skills and bonding skills. We were listening to each other and taking turns with each other. By being co-operative with each other, this all helped us to be the best builders ever!

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