w/c 29th January 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red Bus Nursery it been a bug kind of week! To start off, the adults set up gloop in the tuff tray with a big spider stuck in the middle. We got stuck in, putting our hands in to the mixture - we were fascinated watching the gloop running  through our hands! The adults sang ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, with the gloop becoming the rain coming down! The adults counted the spider legs out loud, we listened well and some of were able to copy the numbers 1 to 9 - we clapped when we finished counting! 

To carry on with our interest with bugs, we went into big garden with our friends to take part in a scavenger hunt! We independently held our paper and pencil and marked off each bug we could find. We were encouraged to look all around the garden in dark areas where bugs would hide - after lots of looking we saw a big spider on a web, we said ‘wow’! We pointed up to show the adults! Some us were able to say the word spider back to the adults too.

Back in the nursery room we been spending lots time using our gross motors skills to climb the steps up to the baby gym and over the bridge, we then wizzed down the slide and couldn’t wait to have another go. 

Later in the the week we had some wobbly fun in the tuff tray with some jelly play! When we saw it we couldn’t wait to have a go, we used our fine motor skills to pick up the jelly on a big spoon and transfer it into a saucepan watching it wobble as we did ! We were able to repeat words like ‘jelly’ and ‘cold’! 

To finish the week we went out into the big garden where we practiced our balancing skills on the hexagon shapes! We counted each one aloud as we moved along carefully with help from adults. We also had a go on the big tricks for the first time using our gross motor skills to push ourself along slowly to start of with then faster as we became more used to it!

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This week Kindergarten had fun packed week, with the warmer mild weather we have been out exploring outdoors!  We’ve also been busy in the dining room and even got creative with some painting.

At the beginning of the week, Kindergarten had explored the small world out on the decking filled with cars , balls and big tunnels! Kindergarten used their great imaginations to create a game with each other, which was fantastic. The game was racing the toy cars on the big tunnel - 3,2,1, go!

In the middle of the week Kindergarten had prepared some lovely sandwiches for their own tea - how lovely! Kindergarten had washed their hands and began to follow the steps that chef Jackie had shown by each taking turns. Kindergarten showed great listening and sharing!

Later in the week, Kindergarten had explored some creative arts with cutting, painting and drawing. Painting was a big hit for Kindergarten this week with the tuff tray filled with paint, paper and different objects to use such has bobbin wheels and string!The results where fascinating with all the different colours and effects. What a great week at Kindergarten!

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This week in Pre School we have been carrying on with activities to do with our interest in birds. We helped to make some fat balls to hang in the garden for the birds to eat which was very interesting and fun. Hopefully the birds will like them and we can watch them eat while we are in the garden. 

We have also been working on our cutting skills this week at snack time. We know to wear our hair nets when we are preparing food and we sat at the table and followed instructions from the adults. We were each given a knife, a chopping board, an apple and a cup. With help we used our knives to cut our apple into smaller pieces and put the in our cup. At snack time we then enjoyed our apple slices and some milk! 

Some of us have had the opportunity to go on a trip to the library this week. We walked to the bus stop and were able to ride the bus into Nailsea which was very exciting indeed. We went to the children’s section in the library and got to look at and explore lots of lovely books and have a snack before we traveled back to Pre-School. 

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